Daily Album Premiere Wednesday: DAMAGE LIMIT – Crank

by Jude Cossey

  • 7.5/10
    DAMAGE LIMIT - Crank - 7.5/10


Secret Entertainment
January 13, 2017

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No Jason Statham here, but Crank is still a heavy hitter. At seven tracks, this EP falls just short of album territory. You don’t need to listen long to find some Hardcore Punk in the mix. Effects are minimal, power chords are abundant, and Singer Samu Peltonen’s gravelly voice is nice and loose. He’s got that same in-your-face snarl as Lars Frederiksen, who also wrote about life in drab suburbia.

Damage Limit have been around since 2010 and previously released a demo and a shorter EP. “Struck Down” is a great track on this one with slow-headbanging chug-a-chug breakdowns, and “No Reason” has a noteworthy chorus. In fact, the choruses of this EP are its inertia, giving distinction and climax to an otherwise no-frills endeavor.


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Hello! 你好. I'm Jude, living in Taiwan but originally from the great state of Ohio. I first got into music when a fellow weirdo in my Catholic high school needed someone to play guitar with. We jammed on some Grunge Rock, but soon I got hooked on the blisteringly-fast shredding of Randy Rhoads and other greats. Later, I bought Metallica's Ride The Lightning as my first album purchase. During that time, my friends and I would end up at local metal shows--always in some rented venue with plywood walls, exposed piping, and awful bathrooms. It was great. After playing in some bands myself, and stumbling through all kinds of jobs, I ended up teaching English in Taiwan. Metal isn't as big here as in my home country of America, but there is a loyal following if you know where to look. Favorite album in recent years: World on Fire by Slash w/ Myles Kennedy Album that surprised me: UNI by Awe to Low Best band seen live: Columbine Worth a mention: Apocalyptica (cellos and metal!) Favorite guitar solo: Vivian Campbell on Dio's “Rainbow in the Dark” Metal pet peeve: over-usage of the lyrics “sands of time”, “reason”, or “insane” Guilty pleasure: Austrian Death Machine Dream: a Jason Becker signature guitar and the ability to play as he did. 2016 Top Ten Albums: 1. FAKE IDOLS - Witness 2. MERIDIAN – Breaking The Surface 3. GRAHAM BONNETT BAND – The Book 4. VANEXA – Too Heavy To Fly 5. CRYSTAL BALL – Deja Voodoo 6. SOLITUDE – Reach For The Sky 7. AMARANTHE – Maximalism 8. INIRE – Cauchemar 9. AETERNITAS - House Of Usher 10. DUMB HOLE – Bravest Of The Galaxy

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