WALLOP – Hell on Wheels

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  • 7/10
    WALLOP - Hell on Wheels - 7/10


Label: MDD Records
Release date: July 11, 2024

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8.5/10 (1 vote)

Wallop are an underground, old-school Heavy Metal band from Germany. Their name comes from British Heavy Metal band Raven’s song and EP title of the same name, “Crash, Bang, Wallop.” Though they formed roughly 40 years ago, Wallop only released two official studio albums. Their third studio album, Hell on Wheels, will be released on July 11, 2024 through MDD Records. In simplest terms, the music resembles ‘80s Judas Priest.

Raw, Real, and Loud

Hell on Wheels kicks off with “Battle Cry,” a ferocious track that’s pure Speed Metal. It’s got killer double kick drum work from Stefan Arnold and a shredding guitar solo from Andreas Lorz. Vocalist Mikk Wega doesn’t have the greatest voice in the world, but his charm and attitude make up for it. “World on Fire” is an old-school Heavy Metal anthem with a face-melting guitar riff. “American 4-4-0” follows the same formula with a hint of AC/DC. Think big, power chords. “Stand Up” is very straight-forward and to the point. It’s another Speed Metal banger that screams underground club scene. Other highlights include “Strike Down” and “One Track Mind.”

With a Few Flaws

As for the positives, the raw production captures the band’s energy perfectly and highlights Arnold’s intricate drum work well. The guitars sound big and monstrous with the right amount of distortion. As for the negatives, the first half of Hell on Wheels is stronger than the second half. The songs on the latter aren’t as memorable, nor do the arrangements work all the way. “Darkness Comes Rising,” for example, is a banging tune, for the most part, but the autotuned vocals during the pre-chorus and chorus ruin the vibe. “Blinded Eyes” is also good, for the most part, but the ending feels out of place.

Final Assessment

Overall, Wallop’s Hell on Wheels is a fine Heavy Metal album and it’s noticeable that the band have been working on their craft for years. Their hard work and dedication are paying off.

Album Tracklist

  1. Battle Cry
  2. World on Fire
  3. Hellfire
  4. American 4-4-0
  5. Stand Up
  6. Hell on Wheels
  7. Strike Down
  8. Darkness Comes Rising
  9. Blinded Eyes
  10. One Track Mind

Band Lineup

Mikk Wega – lead vocals
Stefan Arnold – drums
Stefan Fleischer – bass guitar
Andreas Lorz – guitars


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