DON JAMIESON: “I Love The Challenge Of Going Up In Front Of A Rock Crowd”

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Don Jamieson, heavy metal enthusiast and stand-up comedian, is set to release his fifth stand-up album via Metal Blade on April 19th entitled No Sleep ‘Till McSorley’s. Jamieson himself took the time to talk with Metal Express Radio about the upcoming album, being a part of Metal Blade, performing at a Metal show versus a comedy show, his favorite artists he’s interviewed, and more. Check out the chat below!

Metal Express Radio: You will be releasing a new stand-up album via Metal Blade on April 19th entitled No Sleep ‘Till McSorley’s, what can you tell fans about to the upcoming release? 

Jamieson: It’s guaranteed to bring world peace, cure all disease and hopefully make people laugh a little.

MER: How did the title for the album come about?

Jamieson: All my album covers are parodies of my favorite bands. I’m ashamed it took me five albums to do a Motörhead tribute but here it is…the comedy version of No Sleep ’til Hammersmith.

MER: This is your fifth album with Metal Blade, how does it feel to be part of such a legendary label in the Metal community? 

Jamieson: Metal Blade Records is part of my musical DNA at this point having been a fan since the early Metal Massacre days. When my buddy and fellow comic Jim Florentine told me he hung out with label owner Brian Slagel, I was jealous – like he had a date with a hot chick I was in love with. Now Brian is a close friend and I get to make records for his awesome company.

MER: Is there any particular skit in the album that stands out to you? 

Jamieson: For metal heads it’s the last track on the album since that’s all about our scene. It’s called “Androgynous Alice, Less Voluptuous Lizzy, Hit Me With Your Best Shot”. There’s also a cool solo by Motörhead’s Phil Campbell at the end of it!

MER: What do you see as plans for yourself for the rest of the year? 

Jamieson: Live gigs, going to concerts, counting the millions I make from this new album!

MER: You’ve performed in front of clubs as well as open air festivals, what would you see as differences in regards to the size of the crowd in front of you? 

Jamieson: It’s not the size that matters! If I’m performing in front of a rock crowd that’s the type of material I do. In a comedy club I stick to more of the stuff about every day life, relationships and dick jokes.

MER: What would you say are some pros and cons to playing clubs versus large festivals?

Jamieson: Comedy is much better suited to intimate clubs or theaters but I love the challenge of going up in front of a rock crowd. Reminds me of the early days performing in bars when nobody wanted to pay attention and you had to really come out of the gate swinging.

MER: Is there any band you would want to tour with and why? 

Jamieson: Yes, Steel Panther. Fellas? C’mon? I’ll be your best friend.

MER: Has there ever been a band that you opened up for that you had to win over? 

Jamieson: Most of the bands I’ve toured with were already friends but I think the biggest challenge was the Pop Evil tour. It was taking a big chance for them and also for me as they have a much younger fan base. And it paid off big time. Love those guys and the tour was a blast!

MER: Thinking back to your time with That Metal Show to your current show entitled The Jamison Show, is there anyone that has been your favorite guest to interview and why? 

Jamieson: My favorite guests are the ones that love them or hate them, you have to watch. Artists like Manson, Mustaine, Nugent, Anselmo pull no punches in interviews and you never know what they will say. But you have to watch and find out.

MER: Is there anyone that you’ve always wanted to interview that you haven’t yet and why? 

Jamieson: Never interviewed Ozzy in all the years. I think I’m the only one who hasn’t at this point!

MER: Between playing festivals with Metallica, getting to interview some of the biggest names in Metal, and being a part of Metal Blade, what has been some of your favorite memories of your notable career?

Jamieson: Performing at Metallica’s Orion Fest in Atlantic City, performing on The Howard Stern Show, and opening for my comedy hero Andrew Dice Clay for 10 years.


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