MICHAEL “MOOSE” THOMAS (KILL THE LIGHTS): “We’re Looking Forward To Meeting Fans All Around The Globe”

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Metalcore outfit Kill The Lights are set to release their second studio album entitled Death Melodies on March 8th. The band’s drummer Michael “Moose” Thomas (ex Bullet For My Valentine) took the time to talk with Metal Express Radio about their upcoming album, the formation of the band, touring plans, and more. Check out the chat below!

Metal Express Radio: Your band, Kill The Lights, are set to release their new album entitled Death Melodies on March 8th, what can you tell fans about the upcoming release?

Thomas: We’re super excited about the new album, these songs were crafted over a three-four year period. We took our time reviewing songs that we thought could be better and putting that right in the KTL way. We like to think that we put out songs that are well written, super catchy with a ton of passion.

MER: How was it writing and recording as a band for the second time?

Thomas: It was super fun, we wrote the first song “Broken Bones” back in 2019 while on a band trip together in L.A. Then came the pandemic (that wasn’t fun at all) so we released the first album during that time and we couldn’t tour so decided to continue writing the next record. It was very strange writing without being able to be together, luckily we can send files via the internet so a few songs were written by file sharing. Canada opened up its borders to vaccinated UK and American people, so we hopped on a plane, got together there and wrote six songs.

MER: You’ve released two songs from the album, what kind of feedback have you received?

Thomas: Feedback so far is incredible, it’s always quite daunting releasing something you spent a long time creating and then living with. It’s been great that people really like what we do.

MER: How did the formation of the band come about?

Thomas: It started in 2018. I gave Jordan a text asking if he wanted to write some songs together, next thing we’re nine songs into a great album. We then needed a vocalist so we put out the feelers on our personal social media networks, and that’s when James reached out to me saying he was interested. I sent him a demo of ‘The Faceless”and the next morning I was surprised to have the song back with vocals. It completely blew me away better than any exceptions I had in my mind, case closed, James was in.

MER: Members in your band have or are currently involved with acts such as Bullet For My Valentine, Still Remains, Threat Signal, and Throw the Fight. Do you feel fans of those bands will also be into Kill The Lights?

Thomas: I think so, if you like all the bands we were in before you’ll definitely like KTL. It’s like a Metal buffet.

MER: What are some of the similarities and differences between Kill The Lights and a band like Bullet For My Valentine?

Thomas: There’s obviously gonna be similarities between both bands. Myself and Jay were a major part of BFMV for the first five albums. I’m guessing if you like early Bullet you’re gonna enjoy this band, a new monster with more elements added with the addition of great songwriters in James, Jordan, and Travis.

MER: Do you see Kill The Lights a big priority for you and the rest of your band for 2024?

Thomas: 100%! We’re looking at touring as much as possible this year and beyond, this is a full time band for us.

MER: Who do you hope to tour with and why?

Thomas: We’re up for touring with bands new and old. As long as we’re playing live that’s the main focus right now.

MER: What are your hopes for the band’s future?

Thomas: Lots of touring, making more music. We’re looking forward to meeting fans all around the globe and saying hi!


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