Radio Show: The Power Of Intros In Metal

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Metalheads, prepare for a sonic storm unlike any other! This Friday, Metal Express Radio welcomes its partners; Stig, Scott, and Kris, your favorite metal gurus, for a special show where they’ll each unleash their favorite metal song intros… and the full tracks to follow!

Get ready for an hour of headbanging chaos as these musical maestros showcase their diverse tastes. Buckle up for:

Stig, The Godfather of Metal Classics!

He will transport you back to the golden age of headbanging with legendary intros that defined the genre. Expect iconic riffs, thunderous drums, and anthemic vocals that will have you raising your horns and chanting along. Will he choose the crushing power of Judas Priest, the soaring vocals of Iron Maiden, or the rebellious spirit of Motörhead? Prepare for a metal history lesson delivered in the most headbanging way possible!

Scott, The Hard Rock and Melody Mastermind!

He takes the reins for a journey through the electrifying world of hard rock and melodic metal. Expect face-melting guitar solos, catchy hooks, and powerful vocals that will get your fists pumping and your head nodding. Will he unleash the bluesy swagger of Guns N’ Roses, the arena rock anthems of Bon Jovi, or the modern hard rock fire of Five Finger Death Punch? Get ready to discover new favorites and reminisce about classic hard rock hits!

Kris, The Power Metal Paladin!

Finally, Kris will teleport you to a world of mythical battles and soaring vocals with his power metal picks. Expect bombastic symphonies, epic storytelling, and anthemic choruses that will have you singing along at the top of your lungs. Will he choose the orchestral grandeur of Rhapsody of Fire, the mystical realms conjured by Blind Guardian, or the symphonic fury of DragonForce? Prepare for a power metal adventure that will leave you breathless!

This is more than just intros – it’s a celebration of metal in all its glorious forms. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear these passionate experts share their stories, discover new music, and revel in the power of metal!

Tune in to Metal Express Radio this Friday and join Stig, Scott, and Kris for an unforgettable metal experience!

Tune in this Friday at the following times

15:00 and 21:00 Central Europe
9:00 am and 3:00 pm US East Coast
6:00 am and 12:00 pm US West Coast

Find ways to tune in here.

If you want to delve into the history of intros in metal, read Stig’s latest chapter of Tales from a Metalhead!


  • Kristian Singh-Nergård

    Kristian is one of the partners at Metal Express Radio. He is Metal Express Radio's Marketing and Communications Manager, and on occasions also reviewer and photographer. Based out of Oslo, Norway, Kristian is a bass player and owner of the independent record label Pug-Nose Records. He has been a proud member of the Metal Express Radio crew since 2006.

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