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  • 7.6/10
    SPILLAGE - Phase Four - 7.6/10


Label: Qumran
Release date: September 8, 2023

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Spillage is a Heavy Rock / Metal band, and this record features a twin-guitar attack, and heavy keyboard inlays experimenting with multiple instrumental sounds and vocal harmonies cemented by lyrical content touching on relevant current world issues.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Metal music, where bands strive to distinguish themselves through sheer intensity and musical ingenuity, Spillage emerges as a band that appears to have serious staying power. With their latest release, Phase Four, the band boldly solidifies their place in the realm of Metal music.

From the first few moments of the intro, it’s evident that Spillage is here to make a statement. The crushing riffs, thunderous drumming, and commanding vocals create an atmosphere that’s equal parts exhilarating and ominous. The album’s production value is top-notch, allowing each instrument to shine while maintaining a raw and gritty edge that’s essential to the Metal genre.

Blend of subgenres

One of the standout features of Spillage is their ability to seamlessly blend subgenres, resulting in a sound that’s both familiar and refreshingly unique. Tracks like “Love and Alchemy” showcase their penchant for combining classic Heavy Metal elements with a sludgy sound similar to Biohazard, while “Rise of Machines” delves into a more melancholic and introspective territory, featuring haunting melodies that linger in the mind long after the song ends.

Vocalist Elvin Rodriguez’s performance is nothing short of captivating. His versatile voice ranges from ethereal and haunting to a full-throated roar, adding layers of emotional depth to the lyrics. Whether delivering bone-chilling narratives or belting out anthemic choruses, Elvin’s presence elevates the band’s sonic impact.

Guitarists Tony Spillman and Nick Bozidarevic prove to be a formidable duo, intertwining their intricate solos and chugging riffs to create a sonic tapestry that’s both intricate and headbang-worthy. The rhythm section, consisting of bassist Billy McGuffey and drummer Chris Martins, lays down a foundation that’s unshakeable, driving the songs forward with unrelenting power and precision.

Lyrically, Spillage delves into themes that resonate with the listener on a personal level. From tales of inner turmoil to society’s darker aspects, the lyrics invite contemplation while embracing the cathartic release that Metal music often provides. This depth is particularly evident in tracks like “Nail Biter” and “Nothing To See,” where the lyrical content intertwines seamlessly with the sonic landscape.

Phase Four isn’t your run of the mill album, it’s an album that a ton of emotion and range. The band’s ability to create songs that are both immersive and unforgettable showcases their dedication to their music.


In conclusion, Spillage’s fourth album is a testament to the band’s prowess as Metal artisans. With a sound that’s heavy yet nuanced, ferocious yet melodic, Spillage captivates listeners and takes them on an intense ride from start to finish. As they continue to push the boundaries of their genre, it’s clear that Spillage is a name that will continue to resonate throughout the metal scene and beyond. This album is a must-listen for any fan of Heavy Metal, and it cements Spillage’s place as a band to watch in the Metal world.

Band Lineup

Tony Spillman – Guitar
Nick Bozidarevic – Guitar
Elvin Rodriguez – Vocals
Chris Martins – Drums
Billy McGuffey – Bass Guitar
Paul Rau – Keyboards


  1. Intro/Phase Four
  2. Nail Biter
  3. Love and Alchemy
  4. Demon, I
  5. Rise of Machines
  6. Nothing To See
  7. The Eleventh Hour
  8. Again


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