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  • 7.5/10
    PRIMAL - Humachine - 7.5/10


Label: Roxx Records
Release date: March 31, 2023

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Primal is releasing their second album on Roxx Records on March 31st, 2023


Primal is a Heavy Metal band that has been creating music for almost a decade. Their latest album, Humachine, is a phenomenal record and a great follow-up to their first album, Primal. With 10 tracks of high-energy, hard-hitting Metal, Primal shows everyone that they are just getting started.


Humachine opens with the first track, “The Cage.” The intro sets the mood with a fast and steady guitar riff that quickly explodes into a barrage of drums. The vocals are something completely different, yet oddly familiar, perfectly complementing the steady pace of the music. At first listen, Alberto’s voice is very reminiscent of Mike Muir from the early days of Suicidal Tendencies, but still takes on a sound very unique.

The third song, “Unleash in Madness,” is a standout on the album. This song is fairly heavy and is capable of capturing a Thrash Metal sound and feel that was rampant in the late 80s and early 90s. Another standout track is “Firefight.” The song opens with a guitar riff that immediately captures the listener’s attention as well as banging drums that would wake anyone up. Not that you would be able to sleep with this music playing.

The second half of this album is just as great as the first half. “Warrior’s Code” is a fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled track that showcases the band’s technical prowess. The guitar solo is particularly impressive, with Glenn shredding his way through the song’s intricate riffs.

The album’s final track, “Ever,” is an excellent song to finish out this record. The song starts out with drums that sound like a drumline from the military battle set back in the 1800s. And why not? The aggression and fast paced record probably felt like going to war for Primal.


Overall, Primal’s Humachine is a fantastic album that will please fans of the Heavy Metal genre. The band’s technical skill and passion are evident in each track, and the album’s structure is very well put together. However, the vocals don’t change much throughout the album, but that isn’t a deal breaker when it comes to most Metal albums. Hell, most people that listen to Heavy Metal are drawn to the fast paced music and lyrical content, not necessarily the sound of the voice that delivers it. While some tracks stand out more than others, there is not a weak moment on the album. Primal has proven they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of Heavy Metal.

Band Members

Alberto Zamarbide – Vocals
Glenn Rogers – Guitars
Cesar Ceregatti – Bass
Jorge Iacobellis – Drums


  1. The Cage
  2. Humachine (Heavy Toll)
  3. Firefight
  4. Unleash In Madness
  5. End Times
  6. Warrior’s Code
  7. Saviour
  8. Infernal Nightmare
  9. Betrayal
  10. Bantu’s Victory
  11. Ever


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