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Label: Cleopatra
Release date: March 3, 2023

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Blak29 is a new project from current Danzig guitarist Steve Zing and Daniel Tracey. The Waiting will be released on Cleopatra records.


Blak29 is a new project between longtime Sam Hain and Danzig member Steve Zing and Daniel Tracey. This new record was the product of Steve and Dan’s desire to make a record without waiting around for others to get on board or constantly derail ideas before they even get off the ground. Aside from Zing and Tracey being the two main member of the band, they also wrote and produced the album themselves. This ultimately gave them creative freedom to make the album they envisioned, not having to dilute the record or replace anything to appease somebody.

The Waiting

As far as an album goes, this one has a lot of heavy hitting contributors you would expect to lend a hand when you’ve got Metal royalty like Steve starting a project. Fellow bandmates from Danzig, Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative) and Tommy Victor (Prong and Ministry), join Zing and Tracey in playing “Destroyer.” Jyrki 69 lends his talents on that song as well.

For fans of Zing’s that know him from his days in Sam Hain or his current gig in Danzig, they will be surprised by the direction The Waiting has taken. This record is all over the spectrum. There are a couple of cover songs such as “Destroyer” and “Long Cool Woman” as well as original music. The music and singing is a mix between something you would hear from The Cult and what you would expect from a member of Danzig, some dark and gloomy lyrics with music to match.

One bit of trivia on the Blak29 record: The new band logo was designed and drawn by the man himself, Glen Danzig. As far as cool stuff goes, that’s awesome. Not very many bands can claim the Horror Punk Godfather created their logo.


The album itself is okay. It’s not groundbreaking or revolutionary by any stretch. The sound itself does have appeal for the simple fact that it seems like a group of veteran musicians got together and had a blast making an album. This record is definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of Classic Heavy Metal from the 80s mixed with some newer style from today’s era.

Band Members

Steve Zing – Vocals and Guitars
Daniel Tracey – Drums
Johnny Kelly – Guest Drums
Tommy Victor – Guest Guitars
Jyrki 69 – Guest Vocals


  1. Blackout
  2. Destroyer
  3. Waiting For the Sun to go Down
  4. Go Go Little One
  5. End of Days
  6. Of Love, Of Hate, Of Pain
  7. Bleeding Love
  8. The Waiting (A Token of Your Death)
  9. Don’t Mind the Pain
  10. I am Screaming But Nobody’s Here
  11. Long Cool Woman


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