66CRUSHER – Limbo

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  • 8.5/10
    66Crusher - Limbo - 8.5/10


Label: Gymnocal Industries/Apollon Records
Release date: February 17, 2023

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Thrash Metal band from Bergen, Norway, releasing their fourth studio album, Limbo, on the Gymnocal Industries and Apollon Records. Mixed and mastered by Russ Russell at Parlour Studios in the UK.


66Crusher has been around since 2000 and has four albums under their belt, including the new Limbo album that was just released in February. Before that, Wanderer was released back in 2015.

After taking an eight-year break, 66Crusher is back with their fourth studio album, Limbo. For fans of their previous work, Limbo will sound very familiar. This album keeps the fast music in certain parts of the song while giving off a very Doom Metal feel. “Retribution” is a great example of this. The song starts with a fast paced riff and drums that match the intensity of the guitars, blended with Jarle’s vocals make a Thrashy intro to the song. After a few minutes though, the song breaks down into a much slower paced rhythm and gets a little sludgy.

Don’t be fooled though, 66Crusher isn’t a Doom Metal band. When you listen to Limbo you will pick up many different tempos and breakdowns that make it hard to pigeon hole into one genre or the other. For example, “Strife” has a subdued feel to the music, yet manages to hit like the Black Album by Metallica. Without trying to associate the two bands, “Strife” has moments that sound a lot like “Don’t Tread On Me.” It’s easy to see that 80s and early 90s Metal Gods, Metallica and Megadeth are big influences on the sound coming out of their guitars.


For the most part, this record is very well produced. With the exception of the drums, everything was handled by the band so they were in better control of the sound and finished product. For being short a full-time bassist, they belt out some great tunes. Vocals are clear and go great with the music. Although, the record itself is only seven tracks, it still manages to have a playtime of over 50 minutes. So, strap in for the long-haul and check out another good album by 66Crusher. Welcome back and I can’t wait to hear more from these Norwegian Thrashers.


  1. Retribution
  2. Strife
  3. Phantom
  4. Descent
  5. Distrust
  6. Unscarred
  7. Limbo

Album Lineup

Jarle Olsvoll – Vocals, Keys, Bass & Guitars
Martin Legreid – Guitars
Hakon Bergstad – Drums


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