DAVID BASON (WAR ORPHAN): “This Album Is More Of A Peek Into Our World View”

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New York Hardcore band War Orphan are set to release their second album entitled Unite on February 17th. War Orphan’s frontman David Bason took the time to talk with Metal Express Radio about the band’s upcoming album, plans for 2023, growth within the band, and more. Check out the chat below!

Metal Express Radio: War Ophan’s second studio album entitled Unite is set to be released on February 17th, what can you tell fans about the upcoming release?

Bason: It’s our second full length in two years. We are pushing ahead as hard as we can, trying to make as much of a mark as is possible while we are here. Our first record was a commentary on the wild times we were living through, this album is more of a peek into our worldview. That is one of PMA-all-day, every day. We hope this album brings motivation to anyone who hears it to go out and do rad shit. I was joking with Richie Cip the other day about how I was on a podcast last week saying “You have to do rad shit, you just HAVE TO do rad shit.” That’s basically the them of this album because it will be the only thing that brings longterm happiness and fulfillment. Do rad shit!

MER: How was the writing and recording process having this being War Orphan’s second album?

Bason: The creative process is exactly the same as the first record. Dante and Richie write and record the tracks in Yonkers. Then they send me the song ideas. I go into the studio here in LA with our friend Alex Gozza and knock out vocals. Alex mixes, drops them back to us and we either approve or tinker then we put them out. The process works really well for us. The only problem is I miss out on all the Dunwoodie Pizza at their tracking sessions and they miss out on my taco truck runs.

MER: What were some of the changes you noticed from War Orphan’s first album entitled Bonkers in Yonkers?

Bason: The real difference on this record is the message. This record is meant to be motivational. The songs ‘Cuffs’, ‘Perpetual Motion’ ‘Heavy Weighs The Crown’ and ‘YDI’ are all meant to get you off your ass and out in the world doing things that leave your mark. This is the most important thing we can do as people. Whether that be playing music, making art, building something with your hands, using your brain to solve a problem, inspiring others to chase their dream, teaching…. anything that inspires creation on any level is a good thing for everyone.

MER: What do you see as far as plans for 2023?

Bason: We are so excited to be playing our friend Drew Stone’s New York Hardcore Chronicles matinee on April 2 in NYC. It’s at our friend Jesse Malin’s bar Berlin. If you’re in NYC or you want to travel to see some hardcore please come down. We’re on the bill with the mighty CH3 who I have wanted to see live for years. BTW, they did a fantastic version of The Nils’ “Scratches and Needles” a while back that is worth looking up. Other than that we are just starting record #3 because you have to keep the output going and leave your mark.

MER: Who do you hope to tour with that you haven’t yet and why?

Bason: We would love to play with anyone who has something to say. We love bands with opinions. Those opinions don’t need to be the same as ours, just strong opinions. We don’t all agree on politics but we agree that we have to stand up and be heard and make our voices heard. On a personal note we’d love to play with Sick of It All and Agnostic Front, because….you know. Also, our bud Aaron in Seattle has a new band called Fake Hands who are rad.

MER: Members of War Orphan have history with band’s such as Sick Of It All and Reach, do you feel fans of those band’s will also be into War Orphan?

Bason: If you like Bad Brains, classic New York Hardcore, old skate punk, and a vocalist with opinions and really unfortunate long hair, we are your band!

MER: How is it seeing the hardcore scene still passionate and active after so many years?

Bason: We will never die…. just multiply !! Colors, colors, colors. uhhhhh!

MER: What type of message do you hope to deliver with your band’s music?

Bason: PMA. Move your body, strive for the best, don’t be mediocre, try to be better. Do rad shit !!

MER: What are your hopes for War Orphan’s future?

Bason: We hope for a positive outcome for our upcoming show. We hope for a positive future. We hope to make new friends. We hope for pizza.


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