LAURA COX: “Being Confident And Believing In Your Own Music Is Very Important”

Laura Cox

Guitar virtuoso Laura Cox is set to release her third studio album entitled Head Above Water on January 20th. Cox took the time to talk with Metal Express Radio about her upcoming album, her personal favorite guitar solos, favorite albums of 2022, and more. Check out the chat below!

Metal Express Radio: Your new album entitled Head Above Water is set to be released on January 20th, what can you tell fans about your upcoming album?

Cox: We recorded Head Above Water last February, and I’m really excited about the release. It was about time! This is a Rock album, with more personal touches. I felt more free, more myself, and this led to me experiencing more. For example, I played banjo and lap steel on some tracks, and it creates a different vibe, adds a different color from what you could expect on a Classic Rock album.

MER: What was the writing and recording process like, being your third album?

Cox: To be honest, I felt kind of uninspired during this climate of anxiety brought by COVID. I had to distance myself a bit, in order to come back with a better mindset and fresh ideas. I didn’t put any pressure on myself and didn’t want to force the writing process, because I know nothing good can come from this. When I finally felt ready to write, I recorded some demos on my computer, and arranged everything with my band mates just before the studio time. It was fast and spontaneous, but I think Rock should be this way, not planned too much to keep a wild and natural vibe. It wasn’t the same for the recording process though. It went really smoothly, but I was very organized. I wrote a precise schedule of everything we had to do day by day, so that we managed to record the album in two weeks.

MER: What are some of the changes you’ve noticed having three studio albums out now?

Cox: I’m realizing that the studio process is getting better with each album. First, because I’m more experienced and more comfortable doing this, but also because my team is more supportive now, and the work dynamic has improved a lot within the past few years.

Being confident and believing in your own music is very important, and I think it has always been a bit difficult for me to have this mindset, maybe because I’m a woman who is mostly surrounded by older men, and it can be hard to speak up and stand for what you really want sometimes. I finally learned how to lead my project and behave like a (nice) boss!

MER: You recently released a song from the album entitled “One Big Mess,” what kind of feedback have you received so far?

Cox: The feedback has been really positive so far! We wanted to release a punchy Rock song as a first single, because everybody has been waiting for this for too long, the fans, but us as well. We wanted to wake everybody up, and set a good energy to prepare for the release.

MER: What do you see as plans for yourself after the album release?

Cox: We’re going to tour a lot between March and September, so it will be hard to focus on anything else, as I really want to give the best of myself every night. I’m already really motivated to start writing for the next album, because I don’t want to wait three years again until the next release. I want people to see that I’m back, and working hard to upload new content more often than before.

MER: Who would you hope to tour with that you haven’t yet and why?

Cox: I would love to open for Halestorm on a tour. I think a part of our audience is similar and the combo would be great! Lizzy Hale has been one of my role models for years and I really admire her ability to lead the band, being a woman in a man’s world. We have to spread the message that being a woman rocking on stage is possible, and young girls should pick up the electric guitar if they feel like it. We need more women on stage, and backstage.

MER: If you could pick three of your favorite guitar solos of your own, what would they be and why?

Cox: I think I prefer the approach I had on this new album: not too many notes, but the right ones. I wanted more melodic solos that meant something, and not just playing fast to show off. With this in mind, I would say my favorite solos are on ‘Wiser’ (both on the quiet bridge and the ending solos), ‘So Long’ because I particularly love my guitar tone on this one, and ‘Swing it Out’ because I like the energy.

MER: What have been your favorite releases of 2022?

Cox: My favorite releases of 2022 are without any doubt Shake the Roots (Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown), Back From The Dead (Halestorm), and Blood Harmony (Larkin Poe). This new generation of bands clearly proves that Rock n’ Roll is still alive and has a great future.

MER: Out of your band’s three albums, which one would you suggest to a new fan and why?

Cox: It depends what you’re looking for, but my personal favorite is Head Above Water. I put more of myself in this one. My playing evolved, my vocals too, and we sound tighter together. It’s less heavy than the previous one but more coherent in a way.


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