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SPIRITWORLD - Deathwestern album cover
  • 7.8/10
    SPIRITWORLD - Deathwestern - 7.8/10


Label: Century Media Records
Release date: November 25, 2022

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Hardcore Metal from Las Vegas quartet. This is there sophomore album that is set to be released November 25th, 2022 on Century Media Records.


Stu Folsom and crew are really starting to carve out a niche in the Metal scene for their brand of Western Metal. Yes, that is an actual thing. The only difference is it’s not as lame as you would think. It’s not hokey like some third generation namesake trying to ride coattails of previous generations’ success and making a mockery of Metal. No, DeathWestern is a legit album that is inspired by some form of Wild West meets zombies and Satanism.

DeathWestern opens up with a little bit of a cliché, cowboy themed melody with “Mojave Bloodlust.” After that stage setting opener, the album quickly dives into heavy riffs and vocals that may take the listener by surprise in the title track “DeathWestern.” Although SpiritWorld is using the cowboy or Western theme to stand out from the hordes of Hardcore or Heavy Metal bands, these guys are far from being a gimmicky, one trick pony.

From the moment “DeathWestern” starts playing, and almost every other song on the record, you pick up hints of other bands that obviously influenced SpiritWorld. Everything from Hatebreed in the vocals to Power Trip inspired solos can be heard mixed throughout the entire record. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing either since the bands mentioned earlier are/were considered top acts in their genre. Rest in peace Riley.

Aside from the raw power of the music, there are a couple of other things that stand out on this album. Frontman, Stu Folsom, has a voice that is capable of singing/screaming out the lyrics and still maintains some form of recognition in what he’s saying. That’s a rare feat for this style of music. The other thing that stands out, for better or worse, is the samplings that are used throughout this record. If you’re paying attention it sounds like a rip off from some Rob Zombie movie. Some people will find it entertaining and others might find it corny.

Overall, the sound and quality of the music is phenomenal. Vocals are clear enough you can make out what they’re singing. The band doesn’t seem to drown each other out, or the drummer overpower the rest of the instruments. This band will only get better, not saying they aren’t already good, but this is only their second album. Check out their website and pick up a copy of DeathWestern.


  1. Mojave Bloodlust
  3. Relic of Damnation
  4. Purified in Violence
  5. U L C E R
  6. Committee of Buzzards
  7. The Heretic Butcher
  8. Moonlit Torture
  9. Crucified Heathen Scum
  10. Lujuria Satanica
  11. 1000 D E A T H S

Album Lineup

Stu Folsom – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Programming, Synths
Randy Moore – Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitars
Matt Schrum – Guitars, Vocals (backing), Percussion
Justin Fornof – Bass, Vocals (backing)


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