ALEX RICHICHI & NISHAD GEORGE (THE OFFERING): “We Established And Prided Ourselves On How Well We Understand How To Make Solid Albums”

The Offering

Boston based band The Offering have recently released their second album entitled Seeing The Elephant on November 4th. The band’s vocalist Alex Richichi, along with the band’s guitarist Nishad George took the time to talk with Metal Express Radio about the band’s upcoming album, their hope to tour with Rammstein, highlights of 2022, and more. Check out the chat below!

Metal Express Radio: The Offering’s new album – entitled Seeing The Elephant was released on November 4th, what can you tell fans about the new album?

Richichi: The new album is not Home it’s a rollercoaster of tempos and styles and strives for theatrics and emotional extremes. The album rewards you for multiple listens and following along with the lyric sheet will provide another extreme emotional and physical response. Every member’s performances were extraordinary. Nishad George’s production is elevated and his playing and solos are legend, Spencer’s bass beauty is tasteful, thunderous and slappy and Steve keeps us driven with his New England beat down, animalistic, full swings drum style. We are proud of the work.

MER: How was the writing and recording process for your second full-length album?

George: Far more remote, given the isolation circumstances. Given the pandemic and my closer proximity to Spencer and Alex, I was drafting demos with bass and vocal parts more in mind, and I was way more open to breaking the song skeleton for any vocal ideas Alex brought in this time around. Alex & I paired up a lot, so I’d say this one was way more about making sure the core ideas as a “song,” vocal melodies to the structure, stood out before decorating it, since we couldn’t say “we’ll force that to sound cool by just jamming it out.” We couldn’t all get together and it wasn’t going to be cool faking that.

MER: How would you compare this to your first album entitled Home?

George: I feel like Home was technically over the top, whereas this album feels more like our Reign in Blood meets The Wall. We go way more all-out and still manage to respect creating the right ambience – investigative journalism, war docs and things like “Jacob’s Ladder” were really great vibes to chase, albeit sonically, based on Alex’s concepts.

MER: You’ve released three different songs from Seeing The Elephant, what kind of feedback have you received?

Richichi: Let’s just say, it’s been the full spectrum. We live in passionate times, and we make passionate music that attempts to provoke a passionate response. From death threats to love notes.

MER: What are your plans for the rest of the year into 2023?

George: We’re working on a touring schedule for early 2023! As for the rest of the year – we’re focusing a lot more on digital media this time around. I’m hoping to have playthroughs, guitar breakdowns, showing everyone the stems for the record, fun stuff like alternate solos as well as some contests; there are so many ideas and there are limitless possibilities for them to see the light in the current era.

MER: Who do you hope to tour with and why?

Richichi: We are a band at a size that doesn’t really allow us to dictate who or when we tour. My hope is to open for anyone, and I mean anyone, who can fill an entire stadium. If I had to choose, I think Rammstein would be the most interesting band to support, just to watch and learn how a large production functions profitably: from crew management, to pyrotechnics, to theatrics, travel logistics, performers health, etc…. They are a veteran band with very long careers, and we would love to learn from them.

MER: How would you describe the music scene in New England?

Richichi: Ok, full disclosure, the only member that still lives in Boston is our drummer Steve. What I remember about the scene was a striving experimental punk/hardcore scene in the college basements of Allston and Brighton: Rolling Rocks, spliffs, and loud house parties. I found venues unwilling to provide spaces for extreme music communities to grow, so the spirit of New England hardcore flourishes in the basements, and cold angsty suburbs.

George: It’s changing – we all actually moved out of New England after recording Home with the exception of our drummer. I go back frequently to visit him as well as my engineer at God City in Salem – I’ve definitely noticed it isn’t the same as when we were around. I’m happy that the friends I had that did stay there are doing well; they’ve been opening their own venues, booking agencies, and studios, so that has to mean something; but in general yes, we’re out of touch with it as west coasters now.

MER: What have been some of your favorite releases of 2022?

George: I’m in love with Kenshi Yonezu’s Kickback, the new Bleed from Within, Steve Vai’s Inviolate, the singles off of Polyphia’s new record, and Momma’s Household Name. The new Bad Omens album is a band evolution to marvel over.

MER: With 2022 almost over, what have been some highlights of the year for you?

Richichi: The most rewarding moment of 2022 is seeing the album on store shelves. Call me old fashion, but the giddiness and fulfillment of the childhood dream of seeing your band in stores like Newbury Comics next to our idols is surreal.

MER: What are your hopes for the band’s future?

George: We established and prided ourselves on how well we understand how to make solid albums, and since the pandemic, we’ve made and to get into a similar rhythm with digital media. So it’s only natural for us to tackle getting into a rhythm with our live shows.


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