IRON ALLIES – Blood In Blood Out

IRON ALLIES - Blood In Blood Out
  • 8.3/10
    IRON ALLIES - Blood In Blood Out - 8.3/10


Label: AFM Records
Release date: October 21, 2022

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Heavy Metal group, Iron Allies with their debut album Blood In Blood Out, recorded at Horus Sound Studio in Hanover and co-produced by Arne Neurand.

A Little History

Many people might recognize the vocals or guitar riffs from this Heavy Metal group, because David Reece and Herman Frank were once members of the band Accept. David provided vocals for the album Eat The Heat (1989), while Herman played guitar on the Balls To The Wall (1983) album, with over 50 million plays on Spotify. That in and of itself is pretty impressive. When you also factor in that Herman Frank, on the guitar, is also from the same band, albeit at different times, this makes Iron Allies not only something of a new force to be reckoned with, it also brings back a sound that has been missing in the Heavy Metal scene for a long time.


Iron Allies is a Heavy Metal band that consists of David Reece (Vocals), Herman Frank (Guitar), Malte Burkert (Bass), Francesco Jovino (Drums), and Mike Pesin (Guitar). Although this is a new band, Herman and David have in the Heavy Metal industry for a very long time. Both having played in Accept, both at different times in their decades long careers, helps the band when it comes to collaborating and creating new music.

Blood In Blood Out

Blood In Blood Out is Iron Allies’ debut album and this is one that any fan of Heavy Metal should have in their collection. Between the classic ‘80s style vocals and killer solos, this album brings back a style of music that isn’t seen too often these days. With Reece and Frank’s several decades of experience, they both feed off of each other and it shows when you hear the singing matched with some of the guitar work on this record.

One thing that this album does right is produce 12 different songs that seem to take on a life of their own. Each song has some similar sounds to it, but very distinguished from other songs on the album. A very good example of this is the distinction between songs like “Truth Never Mattered” and “Martyrs Burn.” “Martyrs Burn” starts out with a heavy drum influence and tends to be on a slower, yet steady pace while “Truth Never Mattered” is fast paced and doesn’t let up until the next song. Both are great songs, but show the change of pace this band is capable of.

Overall this is a great album for several reasons. High quality production blends all members instruments together clear so you hear the songs the way they were meant to be. Not one instrument or sound drowns anything out. That being said, there’s always room for some good old fashioned guitar solos. What’s a Heavy Metal album without at least one or two solos? David Reece’s vocals bring back that ’80s style with a new twist to draw new Metalheads in. The only thing that would make this album better is time. This is their debut album so the sound and timing will get better as everyone gets into a groove. Other than that, go see this band when they are in town.


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