MAX HOLSBEKE, NICK DEMICHELE & MATT ROSANO (MONTCLAIR): “People Seem Excited About The New Direction We’re Heading In”


Connecticut’s Montclair have recently released their new EP entitled The Stars Will Look Down Upon Us. Max Holsebeke (vocals), Nick Demichele (guitar), and Matt Rosano (bass), took the time to talk with Metal Express Radio about the band’s new EP, the band’s plans for the rest of the year, their major influences, and more. Check out the chat below!

Metal Express Radio: The band’s new EP The Stars Will Look Down Upon Us was released May 13th, what can you tell fans about the band’s latest EP?

The EP has five tracks, each one draws from our influences a bit differently than the others with something for everyone throughout the record.

MER: The band recently released a new video for the song “Who I Left Behind,” what kind of feedback have you been able to receive?

People seem excited about the new direction we’re heading in and so are we. It feels like a natural progression for the band.

MER: Do you feel like “Who I Left Behind” gives fans a good idea on what to expect from the rest of the EP?

The single comes off as more hardcore, while the EP has gone in a more emo/melodic direction.

MER: What do you see as far as plans for the band after the EP release?

Following the release May 13th, we have a run of shows down the east coast from June 2nd-9th with the bands Private Mind and Fanfare. The June 3rd date in CT will be the release show for it.

MER: Who would you like to tour with? (Headline or support.) 


MER: What are some of the band’s major influences?

Touche Amore, Bayside, Title Fight, definitely 90s emo.

MER: For anyone unfamiliar with the band, how would you describe your sound?

A mix of early emo with melodic hardcore influences.

MER:  What are your hopes for the band’s future?

Continue to expand our sound and tour more. We’re hoping to have another EP out later this year.


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