SIMON ROACH (RXPTRS): “The Coolest Thing Is Having Bands That We Grew Up Listening To Giving Feedback And Loving It”


Bristol, UK based band RXPTRS are set to release their new album entitled Living Without Death’s Permission via Metal Blade records on June 24th. The band’s vocalist Simon Roach took the time to talk with Metal Express Radio about the band’s upcoming album, some of the hardships he has endured this year, his favorite albums released from Metal Blade, and more. Check out the chat below!

Metal Express Radio: The band’s upcoming album Living Without Death’s Permission is set to be released June 24th via Metal Blade Records, what can you tell fans about the upcoming release?

Roach: Get ready for a rock n roll identity crisis, haha. We have been through so much the last couple years, and we have thrown everything and the kitchen sink into this record. It’s been a roller coaster, we’ve felt highs and seen devastating lows. A while back I nearly died in a car crash, I was told I should be dead. Honestly, it’s altered my outlook on life. The songs touch on different aspects of life, and my view on it since the crash. It’s a ride.

MER: How was the writing and recording process?

Roach: It was berserk to be honest. We had to adapt super quickly. We have always been a live, loud band. So when lockdown kicked in and we weren’t allowed to get together as a whole, it felt quite alien. Luckily, the majority of us live together in the RXPTR Pad, so we were able to bounce ideas around constantly at home, we set up a little demo station, and shared files and did video calls with the other guys to keep them in the loop. It was actually an eye opening experience, as we put every beat under the microscope and from doing that we pushed the boundaries further. We had time to leave no stone unturned and I think that added to the variation and depth of the album.

MER: What kind of feedback have you received on the four singles released?

Roach: It’s been incredible. These songs are reaching brand new audiences all around the world, it’s been a humbling experience to have such a great response. The coolest thing is having bands that we grew up listening to giving feedback and loving it, mind-blowing stuff.

MER: Do you feel like those four songs will give fans an idea on what to expect from the full length album?

Roach: I think the first four tracks have given a hint towards where the album goes, but there is SO much more to come. We approach every song completely differently, so inevitably the results are very different haha. The RXPTR mentality is to never take anything off the table. If a song is going one way, let it go. So we have ended up with 7 minute ballads and 1920s-inspired swing songs mixed in with punk and metal. All the songs sound distinctly ours, but completely different haha.

MER: With such a unique sound, who would you see the band touring with? (Headline or support.)

Roach: Great question. There’s a lot of bands we’d love to tour with. Established and new. I think we’d all have different answers too. If all the guys were here we would probably be fighting over this question haha. I’d say System of a Down, Shinedown or Alter Bridge. The guys would agree with me on those, I think.

MER: What are some of your favorite albums that have been put out on Metal Blade?

Roach: Historically there’s just so many classics. Slayer’s Hell Awaits, Between the Buried and Me’s Coma Ecliptic and Unearth’s The Oncoming Storm were all impactful to us. In recent years Atonement by Killswitch Engage, just incredible. We really love Capra too, a super cool upcoming band.

MER: What do you see as plans for the band after the album release?

Roach: Tour. Tour. Tour. We wanna take the new songs everywhere. We’ve got a bunch of festivals lined up throughout the summer, and some shows that we’ve already announced, but we’ve got more in the pipeline, and we’re working on more and more. We love that places are opening up again and we can have full capacity venues. We missed it for so long, and now we’re geared up to hit stages everywhere again, to see everyone, meet new people and play a whole lot of new music!

MER: With a couple months into 2022, are there any new releases that have caught your attention?

Roach: Ooooooh yeah, 2022 has been sick so far. Had some real bangers from Nothing More, Halestorm, Stray from the Path, Shinedown, Ho99o9, Crobot, Underoath and Fozzy in recent months. I’m a big Ghost fan too, I love their new album.

MER: Where can fans find out more about the band?

Roach: Hit us up at, or your chosen poison of social media, we’re everywhere, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, everywhere. Catch us on Bandcamp too. Or come to a show and we’ll tell you all you need to know in person!


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