TYLER TATE (HOLLOW FRONT): “I Can Say We Really Put Our All Into This Record”

Hollow Front

Grand Rapids up and coming Metalcore band Hollow Front will be releasing their new album The Prince of Dreaming on May 27th. Hollow Front’s vocalist Tyler Tate took the time to talk with Metal Express Radio about the band’s upcoming album, their current tour with Fit For A King, their upcoming tour with August Burns Red, and more. Check out the chat below!

Metal Express Radio: The band’s new album The Price of Dreaming is set to be released May 27th. What can you tell fans about the upcoming album?

Tyler Tate: I think the new album is definitely our best outing yet. As biased as I am, being in the group, I can say we really put our all into this record. It’s a little more technical than our last album and we cover topics and sounds that we haven’t explored before. All of the songs manage to sound different while still maintaining what Hollow Front has established with our sound.

MER: With one full length and two EPs under the bands belt, how was the writing and recording process having this being the bands second full length?

Tate: It was surprisingly easy. It felt like each of us were firing on all cylinders. There was a little more pressure this time around. Being our first album since we signed to UNFD, the stress was high to top Loose Threads. So when we went into the writing process that was really at the forefront of our minds. How do we take what we did with the last album and amp up the energy and emotion within the writing. So we spent about a month writing before heading to Atrium Audio to work with Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland. The process from them on was super smooth and we really enjoyed our time working with them.

MER: The band has released three singles from the album. What kind of feedback have you received?

Tate: The reception’s been pretty positive! There’s always a few people who don’t like the direction you’re going. But we’ve seen a lot more support than we ever have before, so I believe that’s saying something.

MER: You’re currently on tour with Fit For A King. How have the shows been going!?

Tate: The tour has been great. We definitely have had our major ups and downs, but we’re working hard and doing our best every single night we’re on the stage. The fans are amazing and it’s been a pleasure meeting so many new people every night who love and support what we’re doing. We really are blessed.

MER: Hollow Front recently announced you’ll be touring North America with August Burns Red. What are your expectations on that upcoming tour?

Tate: My expectations are definitely high. I know it’s going to be amazing and I’m just doing my best to prepare for how amazing it’s going to be. August Burns Red are legends in the scene and we’re just very grateful they’ve allowed us this opportunity to play in front of their fans.

MER: Does the band have any further plans after the August Burns Red tour that you can talk about?

Tate: We’re playing this year’s Blue Ridge Rock Fest and we’re planning to start working on writing more music!

MER: How has it been consecutively touring and releasing new music given what the worlds been through the last two years?

Tate: It’s been a blessing. The fact we’re even touring at all with how the world has been these past few years. When Covid happened it put the brakes on our dreams and it just feel amazing that we’re finally getting to do what we’re meant to do. Which is to play heavy music on stages around the country, and someday the world.

MER: Is there anyone that you hope to tour with that you haven’t yet?

Tate: There are plenty of bands I would die to tour with. But I would definitely have to put Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, Architects, and Spiritbox, on my list of bands I need to tour with. But the list is honestly endless.

MER: We’re a couple months into 2022, have there been any new releases that have caught your attention?

Tate: I’m honestly a terrible musician, because I do not follow the new music all that closely like I used to. I probably listen to my own band an absurd amount of time and then stuff I grew up listening to, 80s/90s rock and early 2000s nu metal.

MER: Out of two full length albums and two EPs, what is one you would recommend to a new fan and why?

Tate: Without a doubt this new one, The Price of Dreaming. It’s the best representation of who Hollow Front is right now. With mine and Dakotas vocals sharing more of the space than ever before. And just the overall technical and energetic instrumentation that we really haven’t done before. But I would also  encourage them to go back and listen to the rest of our catalog too, because there really is a sense of growth that occurred for us that is pretty evident from those early recordings on to what we’re doing now.


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