MELYNDA JACKSON (EIGHT BELLS): “We Are Not Trying To Do Anything Other Than Make Music That We Feel Good About”

EIGHT BELLS - Legacy of Ruin

Experimental Metal band Eight Bells are set to release their third full length album entitled Legacy of Ruin on February 25th. The band’s guitarist took the time to talk with Metal Express Radio about their new album, the lineup changes in the band, touring with Voivod, and more. Check out the chat below!

Metal Express Radio: The band’s new album Legacy of Ruin is set to be released Friday February 25th, what can you tell fans about the band’s new album?

Melynda Jackson: Don’t expect obvious genre trappings. It’s not party music.

MER: How was the writing and recording process having this being the band’s third album along with the lineup changes?

Jackson: The lineup changes definitely slowed the progress on getting it finished and ready to record, because each time it changes, you have to teach a new person the songs again. It takes time for me to develop a musical relationship with new collaborators, so the writing process was a series of losing and gaining momentum.

MER: The band has released three songs off Legacy of Ruin, what kind of feedback have you received?

Jackson: The feedback has been really good. I don’t think I have seen any bad commentary on it, but ultimately its a matter of personal taste of whoever is listening. We don’t try to please everyone. We are not trying to do anything other than make music that we feel good about. We hope the music will touch people, but we are realistic about it. Most music fans want things to be easily digested and just like everything else they listen to. They enjoy albums that have every song sound the same, and they like when a band releases the same album over and over. I like familiarity as well so I get it, but those are not the people we are making music for. We don’t care to fit perfectly into a category.

MER: Do you feel like those three songs give fans a good idea on what to expect from the full length?

Jackson: Yes.

MER: What do you see as plans for the band after the album release?

Jackson: Hoping to finally play some shows and tour.

MER: Is there anywhere that you hope for the band to play live that you haven’t yet?

Jackson: I have wanted to get the band to Europe for years. Maybe that can happen, if people don’t burn Europe down with the current war.

MER: If you could put together a tour for the band, who would it consist of and why?

Jackson: I would like to do a tour that is about a month, and have soundchecks every show and a place to sleep that doesn’t break my body.

MER: Since forming in 2010, what have been some of your favorite memories with the band?

Jackson: Getting to see Voivod every night in 2016

MER: Out of three albums, what is one you would recommend to a new fan and why?

Jackson: I would recommend Legacy of Ruin because it is closest to what I have envisioned. With every album we get closer.


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