CRAIG GOLDY (DIO, DIO’S DISCIPLES, DREAM CHILD): “Ronnie’s Music Is Never Going To Be Forgotten”

DIO (Live in Oslo, Norway, May 30, 2008)
Photo: Karolina E. Piwko

Séverine Peraldino of Metal Express Radio caught up with Craig Goldy (Dio, Dio’s Disciple, Dream Child…) to talk about his experience and fond memories of his friend Ronnie James Dio, his views on the music industry nowadays, the pandemic, and his influences.


  • Séverine Peraldino

    Reviewer, interviewer and apprentice photographer for Metal Express Radio, Séverine comes from a small place in the Southern French Alps, near Grenoble. Her taste for classic Heavy Metal is a family heritage and after growing up listening to Iron Maiden, Dio, Metallica and Angra she expanded her horizons with almost every subgenre of Metal, from Power, to Prog, a little bit of Death and Black Metal. She mostly enjoys albums telling stories with originality. When she is not travelling around for concerts and festivals, you can find her reading a good book, or playing board games with friends.

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