TOMMY HARTE (BROKEN VOW): “We Want To Tour As Much As We Can And Make A Positive Impact On Anyone Our Music Comes In Touch With!”

BROKEN VOW - Sane Minds End

Upcoming Connecticut Hardcore band Broken Vow recently released an EP entitled Sane Minds End. The band’s singer Tommy Harte took the time to speak with Metal Express Radio about the band’s new EP, the history of Hardcore in New England, plans for touring in 2022, and more. For anyone looking for a throwback to old Hardcore such as bands like Earth Crisis, Madball, and Agnostic Front, look no further and check out the chat below!

Metal Express Radio: The band recently released a new EP entitled Sane Minds End, what kind of feedback have you received? 

Harte: All the metrics and feedback that I’m aware of make me feeling overwhelmingly positive about the release. It’s really cool to see the hard work and patience we put into that record pay off!

MER: How was the writing and recording process for the EP?

Harte: The writing process was fragmented and fast paced. Between members going to school and working full time, we had to take advantage of what little time we had to create a finished product. Working with those restrictions was a valuable experience and I think the product is something we can be very proud of. However the Broken Vow songwriting process has certainly evolved since then, for what I think is the better. We recorded it in a weekend with our good friend Paul Camner, also known as Bald Paul. Everyone in the Northeast should go record with him in Norwalk.

MER: Any song in particular you would suggest someone to jump into right away?

Harte: Illusion! I think we layed the EP out in a way that serves first time listeners. We knew it would be a lot of people’s introduction to us and Illusion serves as a very good “Broken Vow sampler” of where that band is at and where we’re headed. A little 90’s, a little melodic, a little metal, and a lot of mosh parts.

MER: Does Sane Minds End give fans a good idea on what to expect from a full length album?

Harte: I’d say every Broken Vow release aims to be a natural evolution of the band’s sound. Never exactly the same but never too different. What people can expect from our future releases are heavy, ominous, fast.

MER: What do you see for plans for the band following the release of the EP?

Harte: We have two tours of the Eastern USA announced right now with our friends in Take It To Heart on the east coast and Spaced in the Midwest! Look out for more Broken Vow shows near you and new music in 2022!

MER: Being from New England, how do you feel about the area’s hardcore scene and history?

Harte: Although hardcore was not born here, I feel it found it’s natural home is in the northeast and New England especially. Living in the kind of juxtaposition between industrial ruin and natural beauty that characterizes Western Massachusetts, the attitude, aesthetics, and morality of hardcore came very naturally to me. The first hardcore bands I ever listened to were from the general area and the sense of pride in a band sharing stomping grounds with me helped connect me to the genre in a visceral way. I’m proud to rep for every state in New England and the Northeast in general.

MER: If you could pick anyone to tour with (headline or support) who would it be and why?

Harte: The 1975, Earth Crisis, Napalm Death, Phoebe Bridgers, Broken Vow would be the ideal lineup.

MER: What are your hopes for the band’s future?

Harte: We want to tour as much as we can and make a positive impact on anyone our music comes in touch with! Making an LP or two and going on some bigger tours as support would be amazing!

MER: Is there anything you would like to throw in that we haven’t covered?

Harte: You can order Sane Minds End on vinyl from New Morality Zine or Sunday Drive Records online! Catch us on the East Coast and Midwest in 2022! More info on our socials @brokenvowhc

MER: If you could pick four bands as the bands main influences, who would they be?

Harte: Strain, Verse, Earth Crisis, xRepentancex.


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