TOMMY “TK” KRASH (LEVIATHAN PROJECT): “I Don’t Think I Have Heard RIPPER Sing This Melodic On An Entire Collection Of Songs In A While”

Leviathan Project

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The Leviathan Project is a new Heavy Metal ensemble made up of prominent members of the scene that came together to make music about the human condition.  It’s members include Tim “Ripper” Owens (KK’s Priest, ex-Judas Priest), Bobby Koeble (Death), Matt Nardo (Producer), and Tommy “TK” Krash (Britny Fox).  The Leviathan Project plans to release two EPs, with the first dropping on June 4th entitled It’s Their World.  I had the chance to speak with guitarist Tommy Krash about the new release and more.

If I knew absolutely nothing about Leviathan Project, how would you describe the band’s music to me?

Imagine shredding technical lead guitar in the vein of early Shrapnel Records (Tony MacAlpine/Vinnie Moore), melodic haunting, melodic vocals from Ripper Owens with hook laden classic metal songs.

Leviathan Project features you, Matt Nardo (Producer), Bobby Koeble (Death), and Tim “Ripper” Owens (KK’s Priest).  How did the band get together and what are your goals?

This project started with me messing around in the studio trying to capture the sound and essence of late 80’s Thrash.  Think Flotsam and Jetsam meets Testament.  I wrote the first song called “Leviathan” and began looking for a singer.  My friend Chris Akin suggested Ripper Owens to me.

@oxMatt Nardo (Bass Player/Co-Writer) and I worked up a guide track for Ripper to work on and days later he sent 14 tracks of amazing vocals.  Bobby Koelble is a local Orlando guy with the talent to pull off the lead guitar I was looking for, so this was a no brainer.  And Matt and I played in a Philly band called American Sugar Bitch with Dave Weakley from Roughhouse/Teeze.

The goal is simple.  Make consistent great metal music.  I am not interested in deviating too much from this style because it works so well with the 4 of us.

What inspired the band’s name?

I have always thought of Leviathan as an interesting concept if you relate it to a bigger picture in life.  Not just a mythical creature.  As I looked into the meaning of the word Leviathan it connected with lyric ideas I had for the music.

I added the word Project because I think of this work and expression of music as relating to human research.  The Leviathan represents all the obstacles in our life.  Anxiety, stress, disease, relationships, addiction, you name it.  So, this music is basically a research project.

On June 4, 2021 you are releasing your first of two EPs, It’s Their World through Deko Entertainment.  Can you talk a little bit about the story behind each song….

Leviathan – This is the song that started it all.  I started the music in April 2020 and messed around with it periodically until December.  It is written in the style of traditional Metal that we love and lays the foundation for the other songs.  Once Ripper agreed to do it, Matt and I got to work on the lyrics and melody so Ripper would have something to go by.  His vocals came out so great.  I don’t think I have heard Ripper sing this melodic on an entire collection of songs in a while.

Deserted – This is a piece of music I wrote a very long time ago.  I just never found the right place for it until Leviathan Project.  I wanted to capture the loneliness feeling that all humans experience.  I remember when my father died and just sitting alone in a dark room.  I may have been looking for something in that room.

The song, “Solar Storm” started with a Black Metal style guitar sound.  It’s abrasive, dark and creates a mood. I think it gives you a feeling of uneasiness.  I went on to craft the rest of the music knowing that we would have to come up with really visual lyrics and melodies to complement the music.

Matt took my general idea about a relationship in a deep space setting and ran with it.  When he sent me the rough track with the finish lyrics and his vocals I was blown away.

I sent Bobby “Solar Storm” with no comments other than do what you do.  I think Bobby spent the most time with this song because he did 3 lead sections and included harmony guitars.  His playing on this track is literally other worldy.  There is no other way to explain it.

Sometimes I forget how talented and how much experience Ripper has.  You have to remember he is the guy that replaced Rob Halford in Priest!!  He always has full creative control to change lyrics and melodies as he sees fit.  On “Solar Storm” he stuck close to Matt’s guide vocals which is a testament to Matt’s contribution.  A few days go by and Ripper sends me about 12 tracks of vocals.  I call it 12 tracks of Ripper gold.

Solitude – I tried to capture the uncertainty of life with this track.  I did make an attempt include a chord change that gives a brief moment of hope.  An attempt to say so many things in this song without words.  It’s like a painting.  The artist is trying to communicate without talking or writing.  It’s all in the art.

It’s Their World – This song was written a little different from the others.  I took the music for the chorus from an old song Matt had and the verse riff I had laying around waiting for the right song.  I reworked everything and made it fit.  After “Solar Storm” Ripper asked me if I had anything else, so I sent him this one.  A few days later he sends me the finished vocals.  Ripper came up with all of the lyrics and melody.  It’s a fantastic simple and to the point song which has a very cinematic feeling.   I love Ripper’s chorus.  You can’t not have this stuck in your head.

In Time – The approach to this collection of songs is a brief journey through a small period of time.  This song is a piece that reflects on the entire journey.  I ask the listener to stop and take time to breathe.  Look around and enjoy the ride.

Not only is It’s Their World being released digitally, there will a limited run in cassette form, as a throwback to the days of Metal tape trading.  What do you remember about trading tapes?  Were there any tapes that stood out in your collection?

I remember buying a lot of tapes from local bands in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area.  From Deadly Blessing to Heaven’s Edge and everything in between.  I still have all of them.  Probably 40 tapes.  Everything stood out.  I studied the different print methods, promotion techniques, distribution, colors of the tape, inserts, liner notes….everything.  In the late 80’s tapes were the only way for local bands to get their music out there.  Vinyl was expensive and out of date and CD’s weren’t invented yet.  Every band I played in made tapes.  I loved the DYI attitude of those days and I love that we are doing tapes for this band.

Leviathan Project is planning to release a second EP.  Will it have any connection to this EP, or will it stand on its own?

Yes, all the music is connected.  This is an ongoing study of our human condition through music.  That will always be the running theme for Leviathan Project.  In addition, everything is recorded in the same studios, using the same tones and settings.  I don’t want to distract the listener with inconsistencies in our sound.  That’s something Matt, Bobby and Ripper are so good at.  I haven’t given them any direction since the first song.  They just do their thing and it works.

Do you have an approximate release date in mind?

I believe the plan is to release it about a month after the first EP.

How did your deal with Deko Entertainment come about?

I reached out to Publicist, Chip Ruggieri (Chipster PR) to see if he would be interested in shopping this around.  I met Chip in the 90’s when my band Gun Shy was being produced by Michael from Britny Fox.  Chip had done a lot of work with Britny and Michael brought Chip in to help with Gun Shy.  It was a long shot to reach out to Chip after 25ish years but he thought Leviathan Project had something to offer the metal world.  Chip had worked with the Deko team on other stuff and thought Leviathan Project would be a great fit.  So far so good….

You were the guitar player for Britny Fox and in 2019 you released Tommy Krash and Friends, BRITNY FOX the Acoustic Sessions.  Is Britny Fox still an active band?

Depends who you ask I suppose.  From what I gather the Britny guys prefer to do it with the original Dean or Tommy line up.  Billy tried with me, other guitar players, another singer, other drummers and it was ok at times but not the same.  So for me at the moment I don’t have anything going on with them.

Do you have any other music projects on the burner?

Yeah I have a junk rock band called Krash and the Etc’s.  It’s somewhere between Punk, Garage and 70’s Rock in the vein of Urge Overkill and Lou Reed.  Matt Nardo plays bass and my friend Ira is on drums.  We are doing a split EP with Dave Weakley and our full album is just about done then some shows in the summer.


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