S. CASTEVET (VULTURE): “Our [Album] Covers Are As Sharp As Our Riffs”


Thrash to the Future

When it comes to contemporary Thrash Metal, few can match Vulture’s sound, image, and intensity. On May 21, 2021 the German 5-piece are set to release Dealin’ Death [review] to the masses. I caught up with ax slinger S. Castevet to find out all about it.

Metal Express Radio: If I knew absolutely nothing about Vulture, how would you describe the band’s music to me?

S. Castevet: Fast. Heavy. Deadly. Like a mixture of Priest and Slayer, Accept and Exodus, Metallica and Dark Angel. Fast riffing, half tone shifts, crude vocals, high pitched screams, many solos, but also a lot of drama and melodies.

MER: Was your upcoming album Dealin’ Death born out of the lockdowns or was it delayed because of them?

SC: Neither/nor! We were lucky to have finished every creative aspect before everything started to boil up. [We] had big luck being able to hit the studio during the first lighter measures in Germany.

MER: Dealin’ Death is set to be released on May 21, 2021 through Metal Blade Records. Can you tell us the inspiration behind each song…

“Danger is Imminent” – It’s an instrumental intro. Acoustic guitars, dangerous synths, Vulture-Stuff.

“Malicious Souls” – A first fast song. Typically Vulture. Maybe a little more to the point than we’ve been before here and there. I love the solo part that ends in a great Death Metal-like melody. Lyrically it’s describing being devoured by a shapeless mass, being drafted for Heavy Metal duties.

“Count Your Blessings” – A new abbott’s in town, and soon people start to notice somethings wrong about him. Once you’ve entered the confessional there’s no way back. Another fast and thrash-y song. With a simple and effective refrain.

“Gorgon” – The lyrical theme’s quite obvious. The song itself is super Heavy Metal. Huge drums, huge riffs, triplets, tons of melodies and depths. Maybe my favorite.

“Star-Crossed City” – Heavy Metal again. Maybe a lil’ Show No Mercy [Slayer] vibe energy-wise. Lyrically it’s speaking about the last days of a doomed town. Again a lots of depth when it comes to songwriting and dimensions.

“Flee the Phantom” – The first one we wrote for the record. It’s about an old black & white series called Belphegor – Phantom of The Louvre. We picked a scenario in which one is trapped in the Louvre at night, slowly realizing you’re not alone. Instincts kicking in. Fatal. Loads of riffs. Love the middle part.

“Below the Mausoleum” – It’s kinda the continuation of Ghastly Waves cover artwork. The killer is entering the Mausoleum and is finding himself in a Lovecraft-y scenario.

“Dealin’ Death” – The title track inspired by the great movie The Pit and the Pendulum from ’61. Based on the story of Poe. The track is telling about a tour through a torture chamber. The final destination is a giant pendulum.

“Multitudes of Terror” – A quick, thrash-y view into the mind of a person suffering from schizophrenia.

“The Court of Caligula” – Rather untypical for Vulture. Slow and very heavy. The song deals with the last days of Caligula’s reign. Inspired by the over-the-top movie, obviously.

MER: Dealin’ Death is being released on multiple formats, including vinyl. Are you a fan of vinyl? If so, what are some of your favorite classic vinyl?

SC: Yeah, of course. My favorite vinyls might be my Slayer live and demo bootlegs. I love the Hell Awaits demos. Very raw energy. Slayer live in about ’85 to ’87 must have been the hottest shit ever. Too young.

MER: How did your deal with Metal Blade Records come about?

SC: No big story behind that. We got a mail by them asking us to join the roster. We said yes.

MER: Every Vulture album features a sharp cutting instrument of some type. Does this represent something specific for the band?

SC: Our covers are as sharp as our riffs.

MER: It appears that Vulture is starting to book a couple of festivals as the World starts to open back up again. Have the festival organizers explained how the live performances and crowd interactions are going to work?

SC: No, we have no idea at all. Let’s wait. I don’t see anything happening anytime time soon.

MER: Vulture is clearly a band that enjoys putting on a great Heavy Metal show. What were some of your favorite performances?

SC: I loved every time we visited Eastern European countries like Poland and the Czech Republic. Loved the Live Evil Festival in London.

MER: What would you classify as your worst show?

SC: Probably Metal Assault Festival. That was one of our first bigger shows. I spent the whole week prior with the gastric flu, and played with a high fever and no joy at all. We even fucked up a song. Cringe-y.

MER: Is Vulture named after the Spider-Man villain or the ravenous bird? Why?

SC: The ravenous bird. Because it sounds cool.

Vulture is:

L. Steeler – Vocals
S. Castevet – Guitar
M. Outlaw – Guitar
A. Axetinctor – Bass
G. Deceiver – Drums


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