DUDLEY TAIT (DVNE): “We Span All Sorts Of Metal And Other Sorts Throughout Our Records So Really I Would Say We Are One Of The Bands That Cannot Be Described Only Understood On Hearing”

DVNE band pic 2021

U.K prog metal outfit DVNE are set to release their upcoming album Etemen Aenka on March 19th via Metal Blade Records. Drummer of the band Dudley Tait took the time to talk with Metal Express Radio about the bands upcoming album, keeping busy during the pandemic, his favorite artists on Metal Blade and more. Check out the chat below!

Metal Express Radio: The bands new album Etemen Aenka is set to be released in March via Metal Blade, how does it feel to have the album done and ready to go?

Dudley Tait: Great. Its been done for a while and we are itching to get these songs out for everyone to enjoy.

MER: How was the writing and recording process with this being the band second full length album?

Dudley Tait: Much easier this time around which made it way more fun. We just had a certain confidence in our abilities and our vision and this made the whole process very easy going. Having way more time in the studio also helped with this feeling.

MER: Any song in particular you would suggest a fan to check out first off the album? 

Dudley Tait: All of them. Our albums are meant to be listened to as an entire piece so id recommend diving into that world as a whole. My favourite track from Asheran is probably “Thirst”.

MER: Just recently the band released a video for the single SiXIV, do you feel this gives the fans a good feel for the album? 

Dudley Tait: I think so yes. This new album is a lot heavier and the vocals are way meaner. This single illustrates all this I feel very well. It’s one of the shorter tracks also which helps get people interested in what’s left to discover.

MER: How have you the band kept yourselves busy since the start of the pandemic?

Dudley Tait: The band have been super busy with all these videos. We had to get the tracks super tight after a break from the studio. And focus on the production and execution of the performances. Its been very fun. We focused the gig energy in that direction and I feel it comes across in the videos. Myself; other than the band stuff, I have been doing my Jiu Jitsu training and keeping sharp at all other aspects of my life. Basically trying to avoid this pandemic leaving an after effect on my mind or body.

MER: What do you hope for the band when all is safe enough in the world to tour?

Dudley Tait: I expect just that. We want to take this music all over the globe and share it with anyone who will give us an hour of their time. We are working on an impressive live show with some cool production factors that should change the game for the bands live shows. We have big plans and big dreams that we want to keep pushing and so we will see when the gates open what we can get away with!

MER: What would be your ideal tour for the band? 

Dudley Tait: A world tour with ISIS headlining. That would be cool.

MER: For those unfamiliar with the band how would you describe your sound?

Dudley Tait: I would use a past reviewers words and call us “genre bending”. We span all sorts of metal and other sorts throughout our records so really I would say we are one of they bands that cannot be described only understood on hearing.

MER: What are some of your favorite artists in Metal Blade? (Past and present)

Dudley Tait: Cult of Luna, Behemoth, Harms Way, Candiria, Anaal Nathrakh, Nonpoint, Slayer, Vader, YOB.


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