JESPER GRÄS (IOTUNN): “Back In 2009 This Was All A Dream But Here We Are!”


Denmark’s Iotunn will be releasing their debut album Access All Worlds via Metal Blade Records. Since forming in 2009, the band has released an EP and has gone through various lineup changes before recording their first full length and being signed by Metal Blade. Iotunn’s guitarist Jesper Gräs took the time to talk with Metal Express Radio about the bands upcoming debut album, how it was writing and recording the bands first full length, getting signed by Metal Blade, hopes for the band’s future, and more! If you’re looking for an awesome unique sound and concept then check out the bands new single “Voyage of the Garganey” and check out the chat below!

Metal Express Radio: The band recently released a video for the song Voyage of the Garganey, do you feel like this song gives fans a good feel for the album?

Jesper Gräs: Both yes and no. I think it represents something essential to our sound that is the combination of hard hitting metal and the atmospheric spheres. This is a combination we always work with and try to improve. Also, there is the harsh vocals and huge melodies which is something that represents the album in its entirety. But as such all the songs really have a life of their own and explores many different feelings, energies and expressions. So I think there are many exciting musical worlds coming up!

Metal Express Radio: Is there any song in particular you would suggest a fan to check out first off Access All Worlds?

Jesper Gräs: Which song I like the most shifts from week to week to be honest. So my answer must be that I think you should listen to the entire album. Music touches people in different ways and I think that there will be a variation in which song the listeners will regard as their favourite. And perhaps that will also change during time.

Metal Express Radio: How have you and the rest of the band kept themselves busy since the pandemic has hit?

Jesper Gräs: When we finished Access All Worlds in March last year we went into some months of work where we contacted record labels and landed a deal with Metal Blade Records. Besides that we also went into a partnership with our management, BARSK Agency, and spent a lot of time writing and recording album 2 demos. So we don’t have a problem on how to spend our time, haha.

Metal Express Radio: What do you see for plans for the band when it’s safe enough to tour?

Jesper Gräs: This is something that we really look forward to! We are planning different exciting things at the moment regarding live shows and tours but unfortunately I can’t go into much detail here. But we look so much forward to play live when things hopefully turn normal again.

Metal Express Radio: Being fairly new is there anywhere you’re looking forward to playing live first? 

Jesper Gräs: There are many places and festivals we would love to play. I personally would love to play G! Festival because Jón is from The Faroe Islands and it would be the first time for me to visit The Faroe Islands which is at the top of my wish list. Also, since childhood it has been a dream to play Roskilde Festival and now we also have Copenhell which is a fantastic metal festival in Copenhagen – we would love to play there as well! And also there are so many great festivals out there – Wacken, Hellfest, Inferno, Graspop, Roadburn, Download, Rock am Ring and so on! We dream of playing those legendary places some day.

Metal Express Radio: Who would you see the band supporting on a tour or taking out for a headline run?

Jesper Gräs: Oh, the list could go on and on! We are a band that listens a lot to metal music and love so many different bands. If I should mention some I would include the child/teenager version of myself and say Metallica, Iron Maiden, Mastodon

Metal Express Radio: Since forming back in 2009 how has it been to watch the band grow, sign with a major label and release an album worldwide?

Jesper Gräs: Its been quite a journey! So many experiences and so much music. We could only have dreamed of the situation we are in now with everything working out in such a good way. We are so glad and excited about everything and we are really enjoying life together with Metal Blade and BARSK Agency. Back in 2009 this was only a dream really but here we are!

Metal Express Radio: If there’s anything we haven’t gone over you’d like to throw in go ahead! 

Jesper Gräs: We would like to say thank you for the great response to our first single Voyage of the Garganey I and hope that all of you out there will enjoy the further voyage as it unfolds in the coming weeks and months. Thank you!


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