MARCH IN ARMS – Pulse Of The Daring

MARCH IN ARMS - Pulse Of The Daring
  • 3/10
    MARCH IN ARMS - Pulse of the Daring - 3/10


Release date: December 4, 2020

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The Backstory

Pulse of the Daring in the second release by Sioux Falls, North Dakota natives March in Arms. It was originally recorded in 2018, shortly after the release of their debut self-titled album. March in Arms gives no reason for the delay of the release, but they promise that Pulse of the Daring is now epic enough for public consumption.

The Album

“1941” is big on haunting melodies and driving riffs. The song relives the beginnings of World War I. “Alter of the Gun” switches up the tempo from a steady beat to a frantic one as it goes along. “Welcome to the Blitz” is about London getting bombed by the Germans in World War II. The chorus is catchy and heartbreaking at the same time. The album’s title track “Pulse of the Daring” is lead by a marching beat as the troops are being rallied into battle. “An Act of Valor” brings the listener to a modern act of war that was the inspiration for the movie Black Hawk Down. The song has a slow instrumental build up before the vocals kick in. “Thunderbolt” is a hard-charging track that hits you a break-neck speed.

The Verdict

Pulse of the Daring is a slick, well-produced, and melodic album, but it lacks emotion. The atrocities of war are supposed to elicit feelings of pain, anger, empathy, or elicit a fight response, a revenge response, or a victory cheer. Of all 10 songs, none of that is there. The music is played well, but it’s not moving, nor is it very diverse. The vocals are very good and well performed, but lack attitude, flair, and enthusiasm for the subject matter.



  1. 1914
  2. Altar of the Gun
  3. Welcome to the Blitz
  4. Nisei
  5. Pulse of the Daring
  6. An act of Valor
  7. No Years Resolution
  8. Thunderbolt
  9. Omaha
  10. Not For Nothing

March in Arms is

Ryan Knutson – Guitar, Vocals
Jon Parker – Guitar
Sheldon Swan – Guitar
Collin Citrowski – Bass
Bobby Cook – Drums


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