BYFIST – In The End

BYFIST - In The End
  • 9/10
    BYFIST - In The End - 9/10


Pure Steel Records
Release date: September 25, 2020

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The Backstory

If the name Byfist doesn’t ring a bell, then you didn’t grow up in San Antonio, Texas in the late ‘80s.  Byfist were local legends that came close to signing a record deal, but things just didn’t work out.  Byfist released some demo material and an EP produced by David Wayne of Metal Church, but nothing wide-spread.  Guitarist Nacho Vara has kept the Byfist train rolling thought heartbreak and tragedy.  This year Byfist releases their first proper full-length album, In the End, through Pure Steel Records.

[Read our interview with Nacho Vara HERE]

The Album

Byfist start off firing on all pistons with the powerful anthem “Universal Metal.”  Rual “Diablo” Garcia has a deep melodic tone, but he can wail like King Diamond and Rob Halford when needed.  The long guitar breakdowns are reminiscent of those classic ‘80s Heavy Metal days.  Garcia flexes his vocal range on “In the End,” while guitarists Nacho Vara and Ernie B run the frets like it was 1988.  Are the lyrics about the manager that screwed up their record deal with MCA?

Chugga-chugga riffs dominate “Unconscious Suicide,” while drummer Scott Palmer’s drums steal the show on “Guaranteed Death.”  Where “Unconscious Suicide” tackled alcohol abuse, “With This Needle I Thee Wed” tackles drug addiction.  An infectious riff mixed with marching beats commands this track.  The song has an early Metal Church vibe to it.  “Ship of Illusion” delves into dead relationships.  It starts off with clean guitars and passionate vocal melodies.  As the track builds, so does the intensity and distortion.  “Epitaph” ends the album just as fiery as it began.

The Verdict

It took Byfist 30+ years to get a proper album out and with In the End they knock it out of the park.  Yes, the music is somewhat an homage to their ‘80s heyday, but it never sounds dated.  The album is packed with Heavy Metal riffs, licks, and catchy choruses.  The vocals are diverse and always on target.


  1. Universal Metal
  2. In the End
  3. Unconscious Suicide
  4. Guaranteed Death
  5. With This Needle I Thee Wed
  6. Ship of Illusion
  7. Epitaph

Byfist is:

Raul “Diablo” Garcia – Vocals
Nacho Vara – Guitar
Ernie B – Guitar
Stony Grantham – Bass
Scott Palmer – Drums


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