ALWAYS 2 LATE: “Power”fully NU

Always 2 Late
Always 2 Late
Always 2 Late interview
Always 2 Late and MER Crew Jaime Poulos

Setting the Stage for all things NU Metal

Metal Express Radio crew member, Jaime Poulos, catches up with the members of Always 2 Late from Ogden, Utah, USA. James Laughter on Drums, Cody Campion, Strings (Guitar & Bass), Brandon Price, Strings (Bass & Guitar) and back up vocals, Mark Chapman, Vocals.

The band talks about their upcoming shows, being nominated for the Los Angeles Music Video Awards for their video, “Realigned”, and the release of their new album.

Always 2 Late Formed in 2016 and went threw a few members before finding strings player, Brandon Price, in 2017. The band played many shows and then took a hiatus in 2018, and reformed in 2019 with James Laughter and Cody Campion. The band found their missing link when they found vocalist, Mark Chapman. Not only did he fill the void, they created a bond that no one can take away.

Always 2 Late worked hard for months to create a new sound, Nu Power Groove Metal. A feel of Familiar Heavy Metal riffs, with the NU fast beat drums, and the Power in the bass, and the sensation to move. “In order to break musical genres, you must have a cohesive, dedicated, and talented crew,” says Always 2 Late Manager, Jaime.

The bands main influences are Tool, PanterA, Ministry, American Head Charge, Staind, KoRn, and Hed PE.

Four different backgrounds of music to bring something Fresh Clean and able to saturate the mind with endorphins that create the Bliss, the Ecstasy, feeling the emotions you get while moving to the music.

The band just signed a management contract with Evanston Staging & Events, LLC.


  • Jaime Poulos

    Jaime is an interviewer here at Metal Express Radio. She grew up listening to music of all kinds. When she was in high school, she danced to DEVO, Thompson Twins, U2, Madonna, and Oingo Boingo. She went to the University of Utah for Accounting. Afterwards, she moved to Sioux City, IA and her musical interests turned to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robert Cray, Jonny Lang, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. She was lead and back up vocals for the small cover band in Evanston, Wyoming. She eventually moved on to become an underground Metal band promoter. She hosts shows with Metal bands from all over the US and overseas. It is her strong comradery for these bands, and the passion that they perform with, that inspires her to believe their music MUST be heard!

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