SIGNAL 13 – Destination Unknown [EP]

SIGNAL 13 - Destination Unknown [EP]
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    SIGNAL 13 - Destination Unknown [EP] - 5/10


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Release date: April 17, 2020

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Signal 13 is known in the Mid-Atlantic area for their energetic live shows that have scored them opening slots with the likes of Kix and Great White.  Originally a covers band, Signal 13 decided to add original material to their repertoire. Vocalist Vicky Starr has amassed hundreds of song ideas on what the band calls her “magic cinder block;” a seating area tucked away in the studio laundry room.  For their first original release, Signal 13 has decided to go with a quick 5-track EP entitled Destination Unknown.

The EP kicks of with the innuendo filled lead single “Dirty.”  The track recalls the Sleeze and Glam Rock scene of the late eighties.  Jonathan Lassiter and Chris Starr’s power riffs are chunky. Front woman Vicky Starr delivers her vocals with grit and a little anger. Patrick Jenkins’ bass sets a dark ominous tone on “Karma,” while “Make It Rain” down tunes its guitars to a familiar early 90s Alternative Rock sound.  “All Fired Up” has a bluesy swagger to it as it shows off the drumming of Stevie Sexx.

That’s not to say the EP isn’t without its issues.  While the opening track “Dirty” is full of anthemic energy, the tracks that follow don’t match it.  The energy and tempo is lost on the rest of the songs.  At times the band’s vocal harmonies just don’t mesh.  Vicky Starr’s vocals have the right smokiness and cockiness needed in a rock vocalist, but she could challenge them more.  The production feels more like a demo, but that can happen sometimes with do-it-yourself releases.

Back in the late 70s and early 80s, a popular way to check out the latest local rock bands was to pick up the band’s demo tape at their shows or through tape trading with your friends.  The recordings weren’t of the highest quality or necessarily the best representation of the band live, but it was enough to get you to another show or to wait and see what they could do on a major album release.  Destination Unknown is Signal 13’s demo tape.


  1. Dirty
  2. Karma
  3. Make It Rain
  4. Stay With Me
  5. All Fired Up


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