ARKADO – Never Say Never

ARKADO - Never Say Never
  • 6.8/10
    ARKADO - Never Say Never - 6.8/10


AOR Heaven
Release Date: March 27, 2019

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8/10 (1 vote)

If you blinked in 1983 you might have missed the original incarnation of the band Arkado (then known as BB2). After more than 30 years apart, most of the original members are back together writing and performing. The band describes their music as “all out hooks & big backing vocals“…”to be in AOR genre.” Never Say Never is their current release, and while it is mostly new material, the group did reach back into their history for a couple of songs.

Brassy keyboards kick off the opening track “So Bad.” While most parts of the song wave the AOR flag, there is a strong EDM vibe coming from the keys. Arkando’s lead single “To Leave It All Behind” displays influences of 80s New Wave bands like A-ha and Kajagoogoo. “Never Say Never” has an infectious and melodic chorus. The band’s passion for saving the environment is evident on “If We Are to Last” and “Don’t Rape The Nature,” but maybe they could have come up with a better title for the latter. The shock value draws away from the message.

Eight tracks in is where Arkando really starts to shine. “So Fine” is a melodic ballad set to soft piano and emotion driven bass lines. It’s an 80s power ballad mixed with a 70s Singer-Songwriter serenade. “Eagle” is an encouraging song about not giving up on love. It’s loaded driving riffs from the keys and guitars. “Never Say Never…Again” is a ballad version of the title track. It’s much stronger than the full-on electric version.

While Arkado bill themselves as an AOR band, their music is all over the place. Never Say Never has a handful of tracks that are true to AOR, but there is also a strong Pop, New Wave, Singer-Songwriter, and even EDM sound throughout. At times the songwriting can come off as a bit amateurish, but the group’s harmonizing is top-notch. Arkado is at their very best on their power ballads and should have placed them earlier in the track sequence.



  1. So Bad
  2. To Leave It All Behind
  3. Never Say Never
  4. Don’t Rape The Nature
  5. Walk Your Way
  6. If We Are To Last
  7. My Hometown
  8. She’s So Fine
  9. Eagle
  10. Carry My Heart
  11. Never Say Never Again


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