SHAGGY – Scarecrow

SHAGGY - Scarecrow
  • 7.2/10
    SHAGGY - Scarecrow - 7.2/10


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Release date: March 13, 2020

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Before reading this today, there were only two known Shaggy’s in the entertainment world; Scooby Doo’s best buddy and “Mr. Boombastic.” Believe it or not, this Shaggy formed in 1972 and went on to release their debut album Lessons For Beginners in 1975. The band drifted apart and reconnected 40 years later. Since dubbed Shaggy The Rockband (for obvious reasons), Scarecrow is the follow up to their 2019 release Fighting Angels and Demons. It’s not just a follow up, but part II to its predecessor.

“Hero” employs the fuzzy guitars and blistering guitar licks of Fidde and Hannes Rognas as it charges toward its melodic chorus. “Boogie Man” introduces Thomas Ryans’ soft Hammond organ tones to the mix of this boogie-woogie Blues meets Prog Rock track. Stefan Husar’s galloping drum work will have you tapping your toe in no time. “Laughing Boy Crying” shows a 70s horror movie influence. It’s dark, creepy, and it amps up during the climax. The album’s title track “Scarecrow” is the strongest and most enjoyable cut. Everyone is working in harmony on this multi-tempo rocker. “Thunder & Lightning” could be a long lost Deep Purple track, while the bonus track “Hello Goodbye” evokes 70s era Beatles.

While Shaggy conjures a 70s Prog Rock vibe with its Hammond organ, fuzzy guitars, and multi-part vocal harmonies, the lead vocals of Ulrich Carlson are a little on the weak side. The band is tight and powerful, but the vocals don’t match them unless they are layered. Regardless, Shaggy does appear to be six old friends doing what they love.

On their Facebook page Shaggy states, “For a proper high fidelity audio experience and doing the heavy rock music justice, Shaggy recommend all listeners to always listen through headphones and crank up the volume to 11.” This is true. It was a much better listening experience than on a mobile device, computer, or tablet.

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  1. Hero
  2. Boogie Man
  3. Gorgeous Children
  4. Laughing Boy Crying
  5. Scarecrow
  6. Mystery Man
  7. Thunder & Lightning
  8. Rainbow’s End, Pt. 1 (bonus)
  9. Hello Goodbye (bonus)


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