BI·AS: “Confidence Is Key In This Business. Especially When You Go On The Internet And You See All These People Trying To Talk Us Down”

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BI·AS is an Alternative Hard Rock / Metal band based out of Huntington Beach, California. The band features drummer David Silveria (Korn), bassist Chris Dorame (Gears, Needlemouth), guitarists Joe Taback (12 Gauge Embrace, Needlemouth) and Mike Martin, and lead singer Rich Nguyen (Dimtribe). The band’s diverse musicality is backed by Silveria’s signature groove and neatly wrapped together by captivating vocal melodies. Metal Express Radio’s Jaime Poulos sat down with the guys in the band for a chat about their music, touring and their future.

Video edited by Daniel Jesse at NRV.Media

TR BIAS jaime
BI·AS and Jaime with MER, 9.28.19, The Royal in SLC, UT.

The bands’ first tour started on September 19, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada at Count Vamp’d and ended the tour at Joe’s Grotto in Phoenix, Arizona on September 29, 2019.

Silveria, Dorame, and Taback formed BI·AS from a small project, Core 10. In the summer of 2018, the three began looking for a lead singer. They found Rich Nguyen in fall on Craigslist. Mike Martin, at the time, a guitar tech, had been learning their songs on his own, was “found out”, and added as a permanent member of the group.

BIAS crowd royal
BI·AS at The Royal, 9.28.19

In, January of 2019 the band released its first single, “Pity”. The band prides itself with the fact that they can work together, in a very productive way. They all have a say in each song and constructive criticism is key. During the interview, Rich referred to the group as having “magic” chemistry. When you are sitting with the you can feel the great vibes coming from these guys.

When asking the group why they named their group, BI·AS, Jaime was told that bias is a part of everything that everyone does, buys, or thinks, from clothes, to phones, to cars and everything in between.

BI·AS, Mike Martin, 9.28.19

The groups single “Hesitation” has climbed in charts. The hit is in the top 5 on Rockfile Radio, #7 on Foundations SMR Chart on 10.3.19. The 2 time Grammy Award winner, David Silveria, may be up for another chance, as BI·AS has posted on their Facebook page, that they have been nominated for a Grammy Award. When asked what the groups musical intentions were, a huge chime came in from the group, “tour the world and put out as much good music as possible!”

Jaime had the privilege of attending two of the shows on the tour. The first was Bannock County Fairgrounds in Pocatello, Idaho on September 27th. Natas Lived toured with the band and was also performing that night. Always 2 Late from Ogden, Utah also joined the performance. They all enjoyed a camp-style barbeque with all the bands and had an amazing night!

On September 28, the tour moved to Salt Lake City, Utah at The Royal. Seven Second Memory, Jezus Rides A Riksha, Natas Lived, and Always 2 Late were the local supporting bands from Utah. Local radio host attended with local photographers and music enthusiasts. The show went without a hitch and was super high energy and lots of fun. BI·AS puts on a great show and gets the crowd up and involved!

The outrageously exciting evening at The Royal ended with a signing by BI·AS.

TR BIAS signing
BI·AS, Signing, 9.28.19

When interviewing the bands that performed with BI·AS, James Laughter of Always 2 Late commented, “September 28th was the best show to be a part of with how inspiring BI·AS was with the teamwork of setting up and breaking down and meeting with the fans. Every band that night put up an epic show..” Palmer, Jezus Rides A Riksha, “..was a great show and it was an honor playing with all the bands”.

Jaime was able to visit with Justin Dummar, Vocals-Natas Lived, who was able to tour with BI·AS. Their leg of the tour went a bit differently. Justin was able to tour with BI·AS when he contacted the headliners at the Vet Traxx Festival to find out if any bands would like to go on a tour with Natas Lived. Natas Lived’s bus had problems from fuel filters to catalytic converters, just to get to the festival to meet BI·AS. They made it to Lake Tahoe to Hard Rock Cafe where they met up with Florida Georgia Line.

Vet Trax, Justin Dummar Natas Lived

The next morning, 5 out of 10 cylinders were misfiring and they finally lost their transmission. The guitarist from BI·AS called his brother in law in Boise, Idaho and he drove 2 1/2 hours to Oregon to take the Natas Lived guitarist and and drummer to rent an SUV. They make the Pocatello, Idaho, Salt Lake City, Utah shows and finish in Arizona with BI·AS. The bus is out of service.

BI·AS is definitely a band to watch climb the charts and tour the world. If you get a chance to see them live, it will be a night well spent.

A very special thank you to Andrea Hibson, BI·AS crew, for the pictures and video and editing and mastering to Daniel Muhlstein of NRV Media, BI·AS for the opportunity, the local bands for their support and contributions, and Todd Sims, for being a awesome tour manager.




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