DEBACKLINER – Debackliner

DEBACKLINER - Debackliner
  • 7.5/10
    DEBACKLINER - Debackliner - 7.5/10


Pitch Black Records
Release date: October 21, 2016

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After focusing on touring and having some lineup changes, French rockers Debackliner finally give their fans a digital bukkake with their self-titled album. Riff-based and full of energy, Debackliner is nine tracks of non-stop heaviness. Set your player to shuffle and let the hooks sink in.

Debackliner has enough Traditional Metal influence to ensure that they can appeal to fans of Iron Maiden and other greats. But they have enough modernity to feel fresh. Slight Viking Metal sound works its way in there, as well as a little Power Metal. “Jolly Roger”, an allusion to piracy, is a notable track with meaningful depth and dynamics. This debut album is very good and shows that the band has the potential to record more. Hopefully they will.


  • Jude Cossey

    Jude was a reviewer here at Metal Express Radio, living in Taiwan but originally from the great state of Ohio, USA. He first got into music when a fellow weirdo in his catholic high school needed someone to play guitar with. They jammed on some Grunge Rock, but soon he got hooked on the blisteringly-fast shredding of Randy Rhoads and other greats. Later, he bought Metallica's Ride The Lightning as his first album purchase. During that time, his friends and him would end up at local Metal shows. He played in some bands himself as well.

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