TITANS EVE New Album Chasing The Devil Due Out June 12th

Titans Eve
Titans Eve (L-R) - Jesse Hord - Bass/Backing Vocals | Casey Ory - Drums | Brian Gamblin - Lead Vocals / Guitar | Kyle Gamblin - Vocals/Guitar - (Photo Credit : Shimon Karmel)

Vancouver Thrashers TITANS EVE New Album Chasing The Devil Due Out June 12th

Reveal Artwork, Track Listing and Post Track By Track Preview

Chasing The Devil – Track by Track Album Preview

With two full lengths under their belt Life Apocalypse (2012) and The Divine Equal (2011) plus multiple tours across Canada, USA and Europe with bands such as Arch Enemy, Voivod, Anvil, Kill Devil Hill and more. Vancouver, BC thrashers Titans Eve return with a preview of artwork, track listing and headbanging audio from their latest effort Chasing The Devil due out June 12, 2015.

“We are so proud and excited to start sharing our upcoming album Chasing The Devil with the metal community! All we want as a band is to empower and connect with all of you and this new album will do just that.” comments vocalist / guitarist Brian Gamblin.

Recorded at Vancouver’s legendary Warehouse Studio with producer Eric Mosher whose credits for engineering includes AC/DC, Nickelback, and Buckcherry plus mastering done by Canadian metal hero Jeff Waters of Annihilator, Chasing The Devil features eight skull crushing tunes that stay true to Titans Eve’s roots of straight up anthemic thrash.

Track Listing: Titans Eve – Chasing The Devil
1. We Defy
2. War Path
3. No Kingdom
4. Another Day
5. Chasing The Devil
6. The Grind
7. Stranded
8. The Endless Light

A Vancouver born Modern Thrash outfit. Titan’s Eve formed in 2008 by brothers Brian and Kyle Gamblin, with Casey Ory on Drums and later joined by Jesse Hord on bass. From day one the band has written the tunes they want to hear, and taken charge of their musical ambitions on their own terms. The early days saw the 4 piece defining their sound and making fans in their home city.

2009 / 2010 featured their emergence on the Canadian metal scene and the beginning of a strong fan base. They embarked on their first western Canadian tour and gave Canadians a real live taste of their sound. While gaining support and honing their music they ventured into a local studio with the talented Curt Wells. Their first album The Divine Equal was later mixed and mastered by Sacha Laskow of Calgary Tech-metal band Divinity. With the release and critical acclaim the album received, their first Cross-Canadian tour followed exposing even more to their unique brand of thrash metal.

2011 saw The Divine Equal released to a bigger audience, with a 2 month self booked tour of North America. Titan’s Eve had the pleasure to play in front of crazed metal fans all over the United States.

2012 started with a bang with their first arena show and fulfilling a dream of playing with Nu-metal leaders Korn. Fresh of the success from their debut, Titan’s Eve began creating the follow up, Life Apocalypse. “This album was written faster and was more of an aggressive attempt at writing and recording an album,” says guitarist Kyle Gamblin. “We hammered out the songs and bunkered down to record in Calgary with Sacha Laskow for a month and recorded every day.”

Taking a turn from their debut, which was released a year previously, but staying true to their personal interpretations of honest, powerful modern metal, “the result, Life Apocalypse, shows our efforts and captures the best performances from all four members of our band. We worked very hard to deliver something that wouldn’t disappoint fans of our last album,” says Brian Gamblin.

Following the release of Life Apocalypse that summer, Titans Eve took the “Titan Train” (i.e. their 2007 Ford E-350 van) and travelled across western Canada, bringing their music to as great an audience as possible, supporting Canadian metal heavyweights Anvil followed by a tour with super-group Kill Devil Hill featuring Rex Brown of pantera. After these incredible tours, they’re biggest venture yet came into focus with an invite to be a support act on the Arch Enemy European Khaos tour. This saw their first tour in Europe, playing to the receptive and enthusiastic European metal crowds.

2013-14 had been used for writing and recording their third album, with breaks from the rehearsals by touring western Canada, playing music festivals and opening for the likes of Diamond Head, Raven and soulfly. The album was recorded in Vancouver’s legendary Warehouse Studio with renowned producer and engineer Eric Mosher. The mastering was completed by Canadian metal hero Jeff Waters of Annihilator.

Stay tuned for a new album and new tours in 2015!

Shared Stage w/:
Arch Enemy, Hackneyed, Anvil, Exodus, Ensiferum, Blackguard, Moonsorrow, Lazarus A.D., The Agonist, Voivod, Kill Devil Hill, Korn, Finntroll, Woods Of Ypres, Inquisition, Swallow The Sun, Holy Grail, Bonded By Blood, Diamond Head, Raven, Soulfly

Tours & Festivals:
2014 – Canadian Beer Chug Tour
2014 – Alberta’s Own Festival
2014 – Loud as Hell
2012 – European Tour w/ Arch Enemy & Voivod (Spain dates)
2012 – Western Canadian Tour w/ Kill Devil Hill
2012 – Western Canadian Tour w/ Anvil
2012 – Open for Korn – Dawson Creek, BC
2011 – Divine Equal North American Tour
2010 – Burning Canada Tour
2010 – Domination Festival – Montreal
2010 – Vancouver Metal Fest
2009 – Scorched Earth Western Canada Tour

“Unstoppable Titans Eve” – Georgia Straight (Vancouver)

“Blistering set of doom thrash” – Beatroute

“Titans Eve has quickly risen through the ranks of the Vancouver metal scene, quickly becoming one of the best thrash bands in town.” – Absolute Underground Magazine

“The Gamblin brothers shred like crazy, easily making Titans Eve one of the best local (Vancouver) thrash bands. They really blew everyone away, and sent beer flying all over the place.” – Absolute Underground Magazine (Live Review)

“Titans Eve churned out their own unique brand of thrash metal. Brothers Kyle and Brian Gamblin did a great job stirring up the crowd,… With a short but sweet set with crowd favourites including “The Tides of Doom”, “Serpent Rising”, “Into the Fire” and “Living Lifeless,” Titans Eve left it all on stage and made a strong impression.” – Abort Mag (Live Review)

“Gotta love bands like this that come from left field and surprise one with their sound, attitude and imagery. Titans Eve hails from Vancouver, hardly a global metal hotspot, and performs traditional and true heavy metal without any of the superfluous gimmickry that has become a hallmark of metal betrayal and ineptitude. The quartet’s sound is heavy and anthemic and blatantly related to the true sounds of Priest, Maiden and Arch Enemy” – Metallian.com

“Titans Eve had everything that was needed to make for a killer show; solid memorable music that can move even the folks who are unfamiliar with the songs, backed by a tight, powerful performance. ” – Metalstorm.net (Live Review)

“Titans Eve have embraced the old fashioned Thrash ethic of keeping an eye on quality and not going overboard with content. ” – Metal-Observer.com

“The Canadians’ sophomore retains the thrash shapes of their debut but also allows more room for melody and lyricism to flow, adding an emotive strength to the introspective tales of the human condition, destiny and personal struggle…if the Mayans were right and 2012 is the year we face the apocalypse, Titans Eve are more than an adequate soundtrack.” 4/5 – Terrorizer Mag

“One metal act that should be hitting your radar if it hasn’t already is Canadian thrashers Titans Eve… The sophomore album from Titans Eve, Life Apocalypse is a tempest. It seldom slows and it’s to the band’s credit they know how far to push and make a statement then summon back their typhoon to leave their listeners breathless…”Overcast”, “Destined to Die”, “Road to Ruin”, “Divided We Fall” and “The Abyss” are some of the fastest and fiercest metal tracks you’ll hear this year.” Blabbermouth.net

“Best of all, the hooks on this record are enormous, with none of the eleven tracks feeling like a throwaway. The tunes are so insistent and contagious that it feels like they fly by: you’ve got the Mastodonian stomp of “Destined to Die”, the Maiden-esque guitar melody that sneaks into the thunderous “Road to Ruin”, the melodic thrash of “The Abyss”, the crushing mid-tempo groove that dominates the chorus of Life Apocalypse.” – MSN.com

“Vancouver’s Titans Eve have really hit a sweet spot with their second album. ” – Bravewords.com

“Vancouver-based thrashers Titans Eve strike the perfect balance between tuneful, old-school, ’80s–style metal and the more extreme variants that came to dominate in the ’90s on its latest, Life Apocalypse. ” – The Georgia Straight (Vancouver, BC Weekly)

“In an age where a plethora of thrash bands are focussing all their energies on trying to recapture the sounds of the 80’s, it’s great to hear a forward thinking, ambitious thrash metal outfit. Canadian Titans Eve have all the essential thrash ingredients in their sound, but they’re trying to forge something original in those flames. Their songs are laced with robust melody, captivating guitar-intricacies, and truly memorable and striking passages, while the powerful vocals of Brian Gamblin provide an imposing focal point. Titans Eve are a genuinely exciting proposition, and Life Apocalypse is quite a superb album deserving of much recognition. 4.5/5″ – Zero Tolerance Magazine


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