GEORGE BELLAS – Astral Projection

GEORGE BELLAS - Astral Projection
  • 6/10
    GEORGE BELLAS - Astral Projection - 6/10


Lion Music
Release date: June 24, 2013

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Astral Projection is the latest release by Chicago, USA resident and guitarist extraordinaire George Bellas (also handling bass and keyboards). Those familiar with Bellas’ solo work know he typically jam-packs as many twists and complexities into his compositions as humanly possible. In past works, Bellas has been known to be frenetic in his playing – but he sagaciously slows down a number of Astral Projection‘s 15 tracks to stay in line with the album’s cosmic theme. Unbecomingly, the droning space-travel keyboards muddy the soundscape, and although impressive from a pure skill standpoint, Bellas’ playing often lacks semblance of rhythm and catchiness.


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  1. Though George Bellas is a great guitar player, and has created some amazing music, Like “Reach for the night”, written by John Marshall, Mike Gingrich, Michael McCarran and George Bellas, but without notifying the writers of songs, Mr. Bellas gave the song to John West for his solo album.
    Mr. Bellas also falsified to BMI on the other writers on the album “Flying Through Infinity” by Palace Terrace, witch formed by Jonathan Marshall and George Bellas, the album “Flying Through Infinity” music was written by George Bellas and the melodies and story and Lyric were written and performed by Jonathan Marshall. George Bellas took the entire credit for the album, music, melodies, story concept and lyrics, Project name, album name and copyrighted under Bellas Tune Factory, not sharing any the copyrights with the other writer, Jonathan Marshall, in fact, Mr. Bellas told BMI and in interviews that he had written the entire album, the story concept, melodies and lyrics, but stolen all the copyrights from Mr. Marshall. Furthermore, George Bellas refused to give any information on what Jonathan Marshall’s contribution to “Flying Through Infinity” album BMI, and still to this day he refuses. George Bellas has done this to so many people.

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