BLOOD RED THRONE – Blood Red Throne

BLOOD RED THRONE - Blood Red Throne
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    BLOOD RED THRONE - Blood Red Throne - 8/10


Sevared Records
Release date: May 21, 2013

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2013 marks the 15th anniversary for the Norwegian Death Metal band Blood Red Throne. Now they are back with their 7th studio album. The band was founded back in 1998 by guitarist Daniel “Død” Olaisen while he was in Satyricon, and he is the only original member of the band left. Blood Red Throne has an impressive resume with tours all over Europe, North and South America and more than 100,000 albums sold worldwide.

Their new and self-titled album is relatively short, clocking in at 35 minutes, but it’s an intense album that’s filled with uncompromising and brutal riffs all the way through. What’s great about it is that the riffs are constantly developing and they don’t repeat themselves. Even though Blood Red Throne is a fast and brutal Death Metal band, there’s also a great deal of Groove Metal elements to be found on this record.

Olaisen knows how to write great riffs and it shouldn’t come as a surprise since he’s a Metal veteran now. In addition to being the main songwriter for Blood Red Throne, he’s also released a bunch of albums with the Progressive Metal band Scariot, and the Groove Metal band Zerozonic, both of which he’s the mastermind.

The rest of the band also delivers the goods on this record. Emil Wiksten (drums) and Ole Bent Madsen (bass) are locking in dead tight in the rhythm section while Ivan “Meathook” Gujic (guitar) is in perfect sync with Olaisen (guitar) for the guitar riffs and solos. Yngve “Bolt” Christiansen (vocals) brings deep guttural growls that are reminiscent of the voice of Glen Benton of Deicide.

All in all, Blood Red Throne is a solid release and the band once again puts Norway on the Death Metal map. The highlights are arguably “Soulseller,” “Primitive Killing Machine,” and “Exoneration Manifesto.”


Soulseller / In Hell I Roam / Hymn Of The Asylum / Primitive Killing Machine / Deatholation / Torturewhore / Exoneration Manifesto / Dødens Makt / March Of The Undying


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