Interview with Seed Of Sadness

Seed of Sadness is a Melodic Metal band from Greece. Their music is a unique blend of powerful guitar riffs accompanied with beautiful orchestral themes, a rock, solid rhythm section, ripping guitar solos and magical vocal lines. Seed of Sadness was formed in February 2011 by Mike G and Jimmy Nore in Didimoticho town, Greece after an accidental phone call! After some line up changes the band ended up with Stellaria on vocals, Jimmy Nore on guitars, Mike G on bass and Johny K on drums.

In less than a year they have written 10 songs. They chose 5 of them for their first work, Seed of Sadness EP 2012 that was released on 29/09/12. During the recording sessions (Nemesis Studios Kavala, Greece) the band was in search of the most experienced person to mix their music. They finally got in contact with Bob Katsionis of Firewind/Outloud bands, who did the mixing (he also played the existing keyboard lines) at Sound Symmetry Studio Athens, Greece. Their powerful music was enhanced by an ambient CD artwork designed by Alexandra V Bach (Kamelot, Adagio) inspired by Mike G. All music and lyrics were written by Jimmy Nore.

Stellaria has studied at Musicians Institute Macedonia, Greece. She has been performing in various blues, jazz, soul, funk, latin, pop bands in Northern Greece since 2004. Jimmy Nore is a well known Shredder in their region, performing flawless covers of famous guitar players such as Steve Vai, Andy James etc. He is also the composer and lyricist of all their songs. Mike G has studied at Musicians Institute Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He has been teaching music to young students since 2005.

Johny k is a virtuoso drummer from Xanthi who has studied under the guidance of the famous Greek teacher Anastasiadis. He performs countless lives every year. After the release of the EP the band took a short break to catch their breath and estimate the reactions of fans and press. The first reviews given were outstanding and very promising for the band’s future.  At the moment Seed of Sadness is in search of a record label to help them fulfill their vision.

MER: How did you come up with the band name?

Our bass player Mike G came up with the band’s name! We were searching for a name for a few days and in the afternoon my phone rang. It was Mike who told me that he came up with the name Seed of Sadness while he was sleeping. We thought it was a cool name so we kept it.

MER: What are 3 bands that you feel were most influential to your band, and why?

It’s very hard to pick up just three ‘cause there are so many great bands, but I’ll try. I would say Iron Maiden for their great melodies, Dream Theater ‘cause they are the progressive Bible and Metallica ‘cause they are every headbanger’s dream.

MER: What are the 5 best Metal/Hard Rock albums of all times, and why?

Ooook, here we go:
Iron Maiden – Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
It’s just unbelievable all the feelings you get listening to this album. It inspired hundreds of people to start playing metal.
Metallica – Black Album
It’s a “dream coming true” album for millions of fans as well as for Metallica themselves.
Dream Theater – Images And Words
‘Cause a band showed that technically demanding music CAN be full of feeling and speak to the heart of a lot of people.
Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
I think this was the first time that metal music was printed on tape.
Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
This album was the starting point for hundreds of a new generation of bands to follow.

MER: What is the best concert you’ve ever attended, and why?

I would say Dream Theater at Thessaloniki, Greece on their Train of Thought tour. The show was 3 hours long, the performance was awesome and they covered all of their classics.

MER: What was the most memorable gig your band ever played, and why?

The band is at its beginning so we haven’t played a lot of gigs yet. We have played a few shows but it’s too early to say that one in particular was more special than the others. All of them were great!

MER: What is the craziest thing any member of your band has ever done for the sake of Metal/Hard Rock?

There isn’t something specific I could say. I think that the fact that Mike G and myself (Jimmy Nore) take any decisions concerning our life with Metal being our compass, shows our love for what we’re doing.

MER: If your band was appointed Rulers of the Metal World, what is the first law you’d make?

Every country would have at least one major label promoting Metal music.

MER: If you could tour with any band, who would that be, and why?

Iron Maiden or Metallica ‘cause they are legends and we would have A LOT to learn from them. It would be one of the most awesome experiences in the world.

MER: What do you think your fans and the music industry will say about your band in 10 years?

That’s a question that we can’t answer. It could be anything from “fuck, these guys are really pissing me off!” to “what a great band, I’m really glad they exist in my life”. We hope for the second one!

MER: If you could have any wish fulfilled for the band, what would it be?

I think that this wish is the same for us as it is for any other band…


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