at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway, March 16th, 2013

Photo by Kristian Singh-Nergård

Steve Lukather is best known as the guitarist for the American Pop/Rock band Toto, but he actually released his first solo record back in 1989. In January he released his seventh solo record, Transition, and is currently on the Transition World Tour 2013.

In his band there were no big names, except maybe keyboardist Steve Weingart, who’s been performing with world class musicians since the mid-80s. For the drums and bass, Lukather has chosen to go with the young and talented this time around. Handling the bass was the lovely Renee Jones, who also sang both lead and backing vocals on a few occasions. This girl grooves and plays great, and she had a smile on her face during the entire concert. Handling the drums was Eric Valentine. He had a drum solo spot in the middle of the set and showcased some impressive chops to say the least.

As this was the tour for the new record, it made sense that songs from Transition dominated the set; six out of nine songs were played. In addition to songs off previous records, the band also played “Freedom” (Jimi Hendrix cover that he first covered for his 1994 solo record Candyman) and Never Enough off Toto’s 1992 record Kingdom of Desire.

The musicianship of this band cannot be praised enough. Lukather is the main man and though he is a decent singer, it’s his skills on the old axe that people come to see. He plays lengthy and intricate solos on most of the songs, but he doesn’t come across as a showoff. Everything he does is tasteful. He also had really positive energy onstage and as Jones’ bass amp refused to render a sound, he made the time go by cracking jokes and telling stories from his experience with Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band.

The highlight of the evening was arguably the instrumental “Party In Simon’s Pants” as well as the encore consisting of “Can’t Look Back” and “Flash In The Pan” (both off his previous record All’s Well That Ends Well). There was even a second encore where only Lukather and Weingart came back onstage and performed “Smile” (Charlie Chaplin cover); a perfect mellow end to a fantastic evening.


Judgement Day / Creep Motel / Brody’s / Freedom / Once Again / Jammin’ With Jesus / Darkness In My World / Broken Machine / Party In Simon’s Pants / Eric Valentine drum solo / Right The Wrong / Transition / Never Enough
Encore: Can’t Look Back / Flash In The Pan
Encore 2: Smile


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