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    SEVEN KINGDOMS - The Fire Is Mine - 9.5/10


Nightmare Records
Release date: October 9, 2012

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The Power Metal fury of Seven Kingdoms has been unleashed with their third full length album, The Fire Is Mine. Seven Kingdoms really started to turn heads with their 2010 sophomore self-titled release, and the parallels between them and modern day legendary artists like Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, and Hammerfall gave them a huge boost on the international Metal scene. Now, Seven Kingdoms has seemed to up the ante considerably with The Fire Is Mine, and it could arguably be one of the best albums of the year.

Although their previous release was quite good, there were several areas of potential growth that needed to be addressed. Seven Kingdoms has remedied all those problem areas and surpassed every level of expectation with their new album. The fierce melodies and emotionally-charged vocals are presented at a very high level. Every aspect of the album has been revitalized; from production, vocals, and performance, The Fire Is Mine is one of those records that maintain a certain magical quality that could prove to be difficult to duplicate.

The key ingredient to this album’s success is the empowering vocals of Sabrina Valentine. She delivers the utmost in passion, electricity, and melodramatic talent to bring one of the most impressive vocal performances heard in quite some time. She has the same theatrical, incessant flair as a Matt Barlow … as well as the flowery, lighthearted emotion of a Simone Simons. From the fiery opening track “After The Fall”, she delivers an aggressive, hearty dose of power. Conversely, during the song “Kardia” she puts forth a soft, heartfelt sadness. Not many vocalists can produce that level of empathy in each and every track.

Additionally, this Power Metal thrill ride would not be complete without the fervent twin guitar mastery of Camden Cruz and Kevin Byrd. Their furious and sometimes Thrash-like riffs intensify every aspect of this album. Although most of the compositions are more vocal driven, the force from the guitar riffs certainly provide the added level of strength to put The Fire Is Mine over the top. One of the best guitar performances can be heard on the track “Flame Of Olympus.” This is a fast, uptempo song full of powerful and pulsating riffs as well as a mind-blowing, shredding solo.

As a whole, The Fire Is Mine delivers the ultimate Power Metal experience. For those fans that grew up listening to Iced Earth and Blind Guardian in the ‘90s, they will savor the infectious quality. If there are fans looking for an eminently modern, driving Metal sound with influences from past greatness, fans should overwhelmingly appreciate this release. Seven Kingdoms is a name to be remembered in the Metal world … this album is only the catapult to bring the Metal glory right back where it belongs.


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