METAPHYSICS – Beyond The Nightfall

METAPHYSICS - Beyond The Nightfall
  • 8/10
    METAPHYSICS - Beyond The Nightfall - 8/10


SG Records
Release date: July 27, 2012

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Metaphysics is defined as the philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world. However, the Italian Prog Metal band Metaphysics is more concerned with the nature of the world appreciating their hard core riffs and serene melodies. Metaphysics originated back in 2005, and Beyond The Nightfall is the band’s first full-length album. These guys drive their influence from ‘90s Progressive Metal and ’70s Progressive Rock to develop a very exciting and meticulous sound. There is obvious and immense talent that comes from these musicians, and they have created something truly ingenious with their debut album.

Italian musicians are renowned for their passionate, emotional and romantic musical qualities. Metaphysics offers no exception. Although there are many soothing and expressive melodies on this album, there is also no shortage of hard-rocking, grinding rhythms which make this a very diverse and exciting album overall.

The key ingredient in almost every track is the intense riffs from guitarist Davide Perruzza. Perruzza performs mostly with a passionate Neo-classical style, but his style is clearly driven from some of the great Prog Metal guitarists such as Dream Theater’s John Petrucci and Symphony X’s Michael Romeo. In fact, many of the compositions on this album follow a similar formula compared to those two bands. The features include guitar-driven songs with expressive keyboard interludes. However, one significant difference is a heavy use of segues, which involve acoustic guitar and piano melodies.

Vocalist Davide Gabriele is another important element to the sound of Metaphysics, but unfortunately does not come through as the true hero on this album. Gabriele is fully talented with a highly expansive range; however, the production of the album is such that most of his vocals are drowned out by the guitar resonance. Therefore, the crisp and clean experience which usually accompanies a technical Prog Metal album such as this, does not come through. Tracks like the melancholy “Just A Dream?” require a clear and transparent vocal to fully drive the amount of passion intended. Unfortunately, the lackluster production creates disappointment.

Regarding the compositions as a whole, most of the tracks are magical and enchanting. The opening track “Fallin’” sets the tone with a very heavy riff and fiery vocal performance; immediately proving the high level of mastery they are trying to achieve. In complete contrast, the acoustic serenade “When Everything Comes To An End” is simply a beautiful, awe-inspiring song containing an incredible amount of passion.

Beyond The Nightfall is certainly a highly credible debut for the expressive artists known as Metaphysics. Other than a few production flaws, and harnessing a more modern style of Prog Metal, these guys have it all together. The musicianship is extraordinary, and the creativeness is superb. This will definitely be a band to watch closely in the coming years.


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