Interview with Enthrall (Neil Rego)

On The Band:

Neil Rego is known as the creative singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist for ENTHRALL.

Since its inception in late 1995 by friends still in high school in Bangalore, India, ENTHRALL embarked on a journey to perform Progressive Heavy Metal in the India Rock circuit, gaining valuable experience and perfecting their amazing talent. More significantly, one of the few bands in India to compose and perform original music at the beginning of their career.

In 2005, ENTHRALL completed their debut album entitled Infernal Horizon. This album was released independently. Several of the songs, including hits such as “Tantalizing Maiden” and ”Wicked Stand” received a lot of internet play and garnered amazing response from the music fans.

After several years of being unsigned, ENTHRALL received an offer from the well-known independent label in Greece, METALFIGHTERS. A new album was conceptualized, but due to circumstances beyond their control, including relocation and family responsibilities, the remaining band members decided they did not have the commitment to complete the album and decided to leave the band. That being said, it has not been ruled out these legendary and prodigious members will be back someday.

In the meantime, Neil Rego decided to soldier on and ENTHRALL has now become a solo project. Future work put forth by ENTHRALL will showcase the exemplary and dazzling array of songwriting by Neil Rego that will be etched in the memories of Metal fans across the world.

On The Latest Album:

Throes Of Fire is a concept album. The story behind the songs revolves around the life of a fictitious individual, named RAVEN. Evil, torment, anguish, sympathy and sadness … emotions RAVEN comes face-to-face with through his phases of life.

The songs have elements of Progressive, Power, Thrash and Groove coalescing to give Metal fans a rapture of delight.

All songs on the album were composed and performed by Neil Rego, aptly aided by stellar musicians Suraj Dutt, Varun Sood, Max Warnby and Pranav Murthy (ex-ENTHRALL).

On How The Band Views The New Album:

Throughout several decades in the history of Heavy Metal, there have arrived an artist or band of artists that created a revolution with the release of a remarkable album. Albums such as Blizzard Of Oz (Ozzy Osbourne), Number Of The Beast (Iron Maiden), Master Of Puppets (Metallica), Reign In Blood (Slayer), Peace Sells … But Who’s Buying (Megadeth), Cowboys From Hell (Pantera), and The Sickness (Disturbed) were remarkable milestones that set the benchmark for captivating Heavy Metal listeners for years to come.

The album Throes of Fire by ENTHRALL was released worldwide by METALFIGHTERS on December 1st 2011 and is all set to carry on that tradition. The songs have elements of Progressive, Power, Thrash and Groove coalescing to give Metal fans a rapture of delight. The album sets a connective pathway between Old School Metal and New School Metal. Significantly, the songs depict a style noteworthy of unique elemental values.


MER: How did you come up with the band name?

NEIL: When Enthrall was a band, the ex-vocalist and the members were looking for a band name that suggested “entertainment that enthralled the masses”. Thus, the name ENTHRALL was obtained as the official band name.

MER: What are 3 bands that you feel were most influential to your band, and why?

NEIL: Iron Maiden, Pantera, Dream Theater. They had virtues that influenced us to attain our goals: passion, commitment, intensity and ethics.

MER: What are the 5 best Metal/Hard Rock albums of all times, and why?

NEIL: Vulgar Display of Power (Pantera) – It gave an insight that speed and brutality can be coalesced with groove.

Number Of The Beast (Iron Maiden) – Melodic hooks and a vocal messiah for inspiration too.

Master Of Puppets (Metallica) – An artifact of pure thrashin’ madness.

Images and Words ( Dream Theater) – Opened my eyes to the world of odd-time signatures and syncopation.

Blackout (Scorpions) – This was a significant album that got me exposed to the dynamics of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal as a kid growing in the ’80s.

MER: What is the best concert you’ve ever attended, and why?

NEIL: Iron Maiden- “Somewhere Back in Time World Tour” – Bangalore, India, 2009.

MER: What was the most memorable gig your band ever played, and why?

NEIL: A band contest called Garage Rock in 2003. We were pitted against several of India’s best bands and were the only significant Progressive Metal band.

MER: What is the craziest thing any member of your band has ever done for the sake of Metal/Hard Rock?

NEIL: In the ’90s, while still in our teens, we played in our local school show. We went against the rules of playing ‘Pop’ and performed Heavy Metal tracks. It caused such a moshing in the school auditorium that police came with their batons and chased us to get off the stage.

MER: If your band was appointed Rulers of the Metal World, what is the first law you’d make?

NEIL: “Away to the dungeons, Emo-philiacs”

MER: If you could tour with any band, who would that be, and why?

NEIL: Iron Maiden. Touring with such an influential band in Metal History and learning the ropes would help any band to cope with the rigors of a touring life.

MER: What do you think your fans and the music industry will say about your band in 10 years?

NEIL: ENTHRALL revolutionized Metal Music and is the keeper of the faith!

MER: If you could have any wish fulfilled for the band, what would it be?

NEIL: Tour the world and entertain the masses.


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