A SOUND OF THUNDER – Out Of The Darkness

A SOUND OF THUNDER - Out Of The Darkness
  • 7.5/10
    A SOUND OF THUNDER - Out Of The Darkness - 7.5/10


Nightmare Records
Release date: March 27, 2012

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Most people will recognize the sound of thunder to be associated with lightning. However, the American band A Sound Of Thunder is not only a blast from a powerful thunderstorm, but also a deluge of wind, heavy rain, and hail to the fullest extreme. This Washington D.C.-based female-fronted band is filled with classic Power Metal themes along with commanding vocals, forceful guitar riffs, and very potent songwriting. They have all the elements of an exciting and impressive blend of Metal.

A Sound Of Thunder was formed in 2008 by guitarist Josh Schwartz and drummer Chris Haren. Upon recruiting female vocalist Nina Osegueda in 2009, they released a self-titled EP, and followed up with the independent release of their debut album Metal Renaissance in 2011. With their new album Out Of The Darkness the band is now poised and ready to unleash their fetching brand of Classic Metal to the masses.

Musically, this album will appeal the most to the generation of fans that grew up listening to Maiden, Dio, and Priest. The first track on the album, “The Day I Die,” is extremely reminiscent of a signature Dio-Sabbath song. The long vocal runs and the Iommi-like guitar riffs are spot on. Additionally, another track “Discovery” is very suggestive of a classic Iron Maiden song, with the forceful Dickinson-esque vocal style and the long, orchestrated guitar solo sounds very much like a Steve Harris composition.

Even though A Sound Of Thunder may embellish certain themes to gain a fan base, they are still quite original in most of their songs. All of them have a memorable and powerful riff carrying each track.

The true hero of this album is vocalist Nina Osegueda. Metal in general is starting to see a trend of female vocalists with a more aggressive, classic style, and less of an Operatic style, and that certainly holds true for this band. Osegueda is quite technically gifted, and has an incredibly vast range that drives the dynamism of this album. One of the tracks where she delivers an outstanding vocal performance is “Calat Alhambra.” This song is about the Granada War of 1492 in Spain, so it is filled with Spanish guitar themes that provide a grandiose outlet for Osegueda to extend her vocal range — which she does to perfection.

Overall, Out Of The Darkness is a commanding piece of work. There are ten very strong tracks of passion and emotion. Even though some of the themes come off dated or have a lack of originality, there is plenty to make up for it. This band has great potential, and this album will most likely be a stepping stone for a future that is as bright as a lightning-filled sky.


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