THEOCRACY – As The World Bleeds

THEOCRACY - As The World Bleeds
  • 6/10
    THEOCRACY - As The World Bleeds - 6/10


Ulterium Records
Release date: November 25, 2011

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Theocracy’s third effort As The World Bleeds is reminiscent of their prior releases, Mirror Of Souls (2008), and their self-titled debut (2003). The “sound” they are known for, Melodic Rock, great harmonizing, and elaborate arrangements are what are reminiscent. Make no mistake these are not the same songs on As The World Bleeds as what they’ve previously released, but you can definitely match this new material to the band as of the very first listen.

Vocalist Matt Smith, lead guitarist Val Allen Wood, guitarist Jonathon Hinds, bassist Jared Oldham, and drummer Shawn Benson begin their latest with “I Am”, and theatrical it is! With crunching guitars and interesting time changes, Benson does his job well here. Alternately, the vocals start flat but build into something incredibly impressive. “The Master Storyteller” is less impressive, although the vocals again are special. This guy sounds like someone, but who? “Nailed” is interesting in that there is “chanting” that seems to begin out of nowhere (and never really goes anywhere), but musically this song is one of the better off this effort. Teaming guitars on “Hide In The Fairytale” keep the song moving at a nice pace, as does the chorus. “Drown” is top notch musically, and if the listener does happen to be a big Theocracy fan, then surely they will be thrilled! However, even though the chorus is what will pull someone in, it takes a bit to get to it. “Altar To The Unknown God” is the throw away on the album, and “As The World Bleeds” is a beautiful piece of art lyrically, but just not all that exciting (unfortunately).

The best songs on the entire album are “I Am”, followed by “Drown” and “Nailed”… and that is basically where it ends.


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