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Release date: November 9, 2011

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It has been almost five years since the last word of the witch. Now Dixie Witch are back with a new guitarist who replaced one of the founding members. With album number five, Let It Roll, ’70s Southern Hard Rock is back to knock and get drunk. Heeding towards the margins of old bands and artists such as Alman Brothers, early Black Sabbath and Hendrix’s Experience, this is one of the truest replications for whoever is a fan or wants to better get to know those days.

In the last decade there has been an awakening amongst Hard Rock bands to act, dress, and sound like bands from the ’70s. Some are quite skilled, like Rival Sons for instance, and make the ’70s Acid Rock era proud. Dixie Witch has been doing this for quite some time and also play the part admirably. Let It Roll features vintage grooves, a fuzz-like sound, barking vocals that also include elements of softness, classic wah-wah solos, and great beats.

It seems the main focus of the album’s music was the search for a great, catchy, groovy riff that will be easy to connect to by the listener. That is probably why some of those grooves sound so similar to Black Sabbath’s older, overdosed, fuzz rhythms. However, those riffs underwent a Southern makeover that created a slightly different feel. Those well-played riffs were the main aspect behind the success of some of the songs around here. Of course, the switching vocals between bass and drums were also integral, but this is what this music is all about:  sheer grooves.

Most recommended from Let It Roll are “Sevens”, “The Real Deal”, “Second Chance” and the title track, “Let It Roll”.  ’70s fans will most certainly enjoy this album. It is accessible, a fun listen, and includes many classic moments.


  1. Let It Roll
  2. Boogie Man
  3. The High Deal
  4. Red Song
  5. Saving Grace
  6. Sevens
  7. Anthem
  8. Automatic Lady
  9. Second Chance
  10. December


Trinidad Leal – Drums / Vocals
Curt Christenson – Bass / Vocals
JT Smith – Guitars


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