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Heavy Artillery Records
Release date: November 1, 2011

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Following this band’s story, it seems that California still maintains its reputation as a place where dreams can come true. Maybe that was the reason that made the Hard N’ Heavy Midnight Chaser what they are today. Influenced by some of the most famous names in the industry such as Judas Priest, Motörhead, some musical aspects of NWOBHM along with rocking figures such as ZZ Top, Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy, the picture looked promising especially with a fresh production backing them up. On the other hand, what came along next wasn’t as big as was expected.

Midnight Chaser gained a contract with the local Heavy Artillery Records who took interest with their debut self-titled EP and Rough And Tough is their debut full length album. Without a doubt the 80s blood is running rapidly within this crew’s near exploding veins but not merely the 80s. The music on the album also indicates glances towards late 70s Hard Rock, especially when talking about the lead section. Generally, Midnight Chaser’s approach, although influenced by British Rock and Metal, is vastly within the American spirit.

It seemed that Rough And Tough tried to cover almost anything that ran within the themes of the older songs of the 80s. Notable songs such as the sleaze oriented “Cougar’d” and the Glamish like “Hotshot” are induced with a cool Hard Rock feel whereas heavier slammers such as “Rough And Tough”, “Earthquake”, “Swords For Hire” and “Who Dares Wins” are streams of good Heavy Metal thunder following its past glory.

Nonetheless, even with those impressive tracks at bay and the great dynamics of the band, “Rough And Tough”, the song, seems to lack the enthusiasm of the more vibrant 80s tracks. It starts with the lead section of guitarist Stephen Lauck who remembers to synchronize his solos with the tunes after nearly half an album of playing weak, uninspiring and non suitable licks. It continues with Scott Attwood who with his great voice and range didn’t seem to provide all of his might to the recording. It ends with songs bearing too many similar patterns between them.
The basis of Midnight Chaser’s music is that they issued the merging of 70s and 80s Rock and Metal into a tight compilation. For their next release they should give all of their capacity because that is what 80s Metal is all about. Just as their line in the closing song suggests, “Who Dares Wins”, they should abide by that.


  1. Awesome Party
  2. Out on Your Shield
  3. Rough and Tough
  4. Swords for Hire
  5. Cougar’d
  6. Hotshot
  7. Dynamite
  8. Earthquake
  9. Who Dares Wins


Scot Attwood – Vocals
Stephen Lauck – Guitars
Josh Hunt – Bass
Brandon Thomas – Drums


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