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Takken is an American Heavy Metal band with origins going back to 2008. Members Phil Ewing and Rick Scott met while members of the Judas Priest Website forum. Phil and Rick collaborated on a Priest tribute recording in 2008, and when they mutually decided to take a spin at original material, Takken was born. With Phil living in New York and Rick living in Kentucky, they never intended on being a live act, but the decision was made to do a full CD – and Takken was released in July of 2010. A decision was made by Phil and Rick to have the musical element of the band locally in New York, and the search was on for another guitarist, bassist, and a new drummer. They happened across a guitarist named Russ Vesci and found drummer Gary Biondo who played locally with several bands including an Iron Maiden tribute band. After extensive measures, Takken finally came across bassist Brett Smith to round out the band.

Takken is currently in rehearsal stages for upcoming shows in the NY area. They are also in the process of writing and recording new material.

Here’s what the band had to say to Metal Express Radio…


How did you come up with the band name?


The name “Takken” came about due to the fact that all of the band names we looked at were taken! YES, it is pronounced “TAKEN.” We added the extra “K” and flipped it to give it a unique look.


What are 3 bands that you feel were most influential to your band, and why?


Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Queensrÿche. Those 3 bands epitomized the sound of “Real” Metal.


What are the 5 best Metal/Hard Rock albums of all times, and why?


Phi – Painkiller/Judas Priest. Holds every element of Real Metal.

Rick – Screaming For Vengeance/Judas Priest. Priest took it to a higher level of driving Metal.

Brett – Kill ’em All/ Metallica. The bass work was inspiring to me.

Russ – Van Halen/Van Halen. Because it changed the guitar forever …

Gary – Master of Puppets/Metallica. Because it took drumming to a new realm …


What is the best concert you’ve ever attended, and why?


Gary – Gigantour 2005. I met Van Williams of Nevermore!

Russ – DIO. Why? Because it was Ronnie James Dio!!

Rick – Rainbow with Dio. Opened for REO Speedwagon and blew them off the stage!

Brett – Steve Vai because Vai is the fucking greatest!!

Phil – Kiss: The Destroyer Tour! A spectacle that I didn’t know was possible in the mid 70’s!


What was the most memorable gig your band ever played, and why?


Somerset, Kentucky, USA: Generations Of Metal. Because it was our 1st!


What is the craziest thing any member of your band has ever done for the sake of Metal/HardRock?


Phil Ewing got a tattoo on his leg of the Takken logo, then contemplated changing the name of the band!!


If your band was appointed Rulers of the Metal World, what is the first law you’d make?


Outlaw all other forms of music except for “REAL Metal”!!


If you could tour with any band, who would that be, and why?


Rick – Judas Priest. Their following is very loyal and they play Diehard Classic Metal.

Phil – Judas Priest. My guitar idols are in that band — I based my whole playing style from them.

Russ – Yngwie Malmsteen. Again, WHY? Because it’s Yngwie!!

Gary – Rush. It would be the only way I could meet Neil Peart!

Brett – Queensryche. They always play in our area and put on such a great show.


What do you think your fans and the music industry will say about your band in 10 years?


Hopefully… WOW… Fucking WOW!!


If you could have any wish fulfilled for the band, what would it be?


To perform at a huge European Music Festival!! Wacken, please contact us!! Recording contract would be nice also. Maybe some groupies, limos, a line of fragrances like Bieber has, only not gay!!


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