PARK LANE – Letters From The Fire

PARK LANE - Letters From The Fire
  • 9/10
    PARK LANE - Letters From The Fire - 9/10


Hayfield Records
Release date: September 20, 2011

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Park Lane is about to come out with their new album entitled Letters From The Fire. They are almost certain to not disappoint. The album smacks of a solid Metal and a Melodic meld of sorts that may be intangible, but fans will want to hold the sound close.

The band is comprised of:  Carley Coma, singer (formerly of Candiria, a “Neo-Jazz Metal Fusion” band which Rolling Stone voted as one of their top 10 Metal picks), Grayson Hurd, guitars, Mike Keller, guitars, Cameron Stucky, drums, and Clayton Wages, bass.

Letters From The Fire begins with “The Edge”, a heavy-hitting chunky guitar — searing vocals kind of song. This one grabs on right away and is the pre-cursor of the nice surprises to come on Letters. This one definitely has a movie track quality to it! The album continues with “Silence” then “Love Again”, and Carley is a shining star here. The band is all there though … drums filling in all the right spaces, sometimes teaming guitars, and the weighty bass lines that travel throughout the entire album. This band seems to be a tight entity.  “Never Alone” and “Things We Believe” are great tracks as well.

The reoccurring theme is the band’s ability to start a song as being Melodic, and then to later take it on an insane turn into clearly a “Metal” track. They all do this … Carley; beautiful voice, then killer scream. Grayson, and Mike, guitars that clearly had some classical training, then Metal shred madness!

“A Lonely Shade Of Red” has an interesting tale behind it. The song was written and passed to Carley to put lyrics to it. This was in the beginning phase of Carley’s then possible entry into the band. Carley wrote lyrics identical to the first line of the song that Park Lane’s former singer had written … Spooky!

“Resist”, the last track they offer, is pretty heavy from the onset and gets even heavier; it’s lyrically clever. Although “crossover” is usually a term reserved for mainstream artists, this album might be classified as crossover in the sense that it’s not all Metal all the time. There is enough there for the “non-Metal” fan that may just get them hooked on a new genre entirely.  Letters From The Fire will burn ya up baby!

Park Lane is currently touring with Fuel. Look for them in a city near you.


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