TRANSNIGHT – The Dark Half

TRANSNIGHT - The Dark Half
  • 4.5/10
    TRANSNIGHT - The Dark Half - 4.5/10


Pure Underground Records
Release date: September 16, 2011

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The Dark Half is the debut album of the German band Transnight, and although there were some clear weaknesses, this release did catch some attention with its Old School Metal riffs. The songs contain simple yet practical and chunky riffs from the worlds of Traditional, Power, and Thrash Metal. With this simplicity as the prime icon for the song writing, The Dark Half on its whole is a straightforward album. Nonetheless, when the wheels of the vocal lines started turning, almost all of the riff enjoyment was cut off. The vocalist sounds tired or poorly produced, and in several areas it sounds as if he missed the right notes. His voice pattern was kind of interesting. It was like listening to Biff Byford and Mat Sinner cruising along with the notorious Weird Al Yankovic. Sounds a bit delusional? Could be, but it’s hard to ignore.

In various ways Transnight afflicted feelings like those of Nanowar, but without being funny like those Spanish lunatics. The lyrical themes had bits of wits to them, but most of the lyrics came through as if they were written by an elementary school pupil.

“False Prophets” had some success in making a positive impression. It focuses once again on the chaotic nature of Fundamentalism, while its musical direction was rather nicely played out, and the vocal performance came through well. “Lose Your Time” took another weird turn, but it was more or less satisfying as well. It had a few riffs that paved the road for success.

Overall, this is less than an “ok” release. It is unknown if the band intended to sound “funny” in their own way, but it wasn’t impressive even if that’s what they were trying to do. The band has a likable direction, but it needs to be more organized and better produced.


  1. Devils Don’t Wear Plaid
  2. The Dark Half
  3. You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do
  4. The System
  5. Bite My Shiny Metal Ass
  6. False Prophets
  7. Ghost Story
  8. Lose Your Time
  9. Suicide Box
  10. M.O.H.N (Mistakes of Human Nature)


Dave – Vocals
Christoph Roth – Guitars
Markus Roth – Bass
Daniel Roth – Drums


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