R.U.S.T. – Forged In The Fire Of Metal

R.U.S.T. - Forged In The Fire Of Metal
  • 9/10
    R.U.S.T. - Forged In The Fire Of Metal - 9/10


Independent (Supported By Pitch Black Records)
Release date: August 20, 2011

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It has been more than forty years since Heavy Metal was forged. However, the ’80s remain as the golden period of the genre. Therefore it is quite understandable why Greek-based R.U.S.T. has been heading towards Traditional Metal in order to keep in the same flow as their idols.

Generally, Forged In The Fire Of Metal exemplifies a promising young group that seems to have done the right thing. Besides being catchy, or sometimes practically commercialized, there are a number of examples of an epic nature that increase interest in their music even more. R.U.S.T. is not an original band whatsoever, and their inspiration was taken from Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Accept, Running Wild, and Riot … and their slight affiliations with Warlord and Savatage helped them attain wonderful results that will surely impress.

What was for the most part likable was the fact that R.U.S.T.’s sound was nearly equal to Maiden’s golden albums such as Somewhere In Time and Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son. Addictive is only a lonesome adjective that can describe the joy of listening to such classy resonances, even if the scenery looked to some extent a bit simple. Better still, the crew of this young band played its part impressively as well. Alongside their uplifting guitarists and dominant rhythm section, the vocals and voice pattern of Tasos Karonias fired off yet another memo that the scene has one more melodic (and diverse) singer in town with strong ties to history.

When it comes down to this awesome list of songs, it was rather hard to choose the best of them. “Streets Of Rock N’ Roll” is the flagship for these guys. “Simple and to the point” is the best possible phrase that can describe this song. If you want catchy stuff, but with a vintage feel and great melodies, then you’ll find it here. “We Are Rock N’ Roll” is yet another great hit and “Straight To The Top” (not the classic Scorpions song) breeds the same fire from the ’80s under the wing of these youngsters. This is absolutely a great show of force. In an epical sense, “Queen Of The Amazons”, which reminds of the Running Wild, Manowar, and Warlord heroic stories, shared more than enough interesting sections of melody, great vocals, awesome leads, and solid rhythm section — all so crucial for success.

Forged In The Fire Of Metal – True ’80s Metal made of steel, forged by the hands of the Greeks.  R.U.S.T. are your new guides to a decade that hopefully will be full of new promises.


  1. The Thunder Rolls
  2. Metal Child
  3. We Are Rock’n’Roll
  4. Phoenix In The Night
  5. Streets of Rock’n’Roll
  6. Lady Of The Lake
  7. Straight To The Top
  8. Queen Of The Amazons
  9. The Beginning…
  10. Forged In The Fire Of Metal


Tasos Karonias – Vocals
Panagiotis Xanthou – Guitars / Violin
Adamos Adamou – Guitars
Geroge Xanthou – Bass
Giannis Xanthou – Drums


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