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Release date: August 19, 2011

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Swedish Silverdollar decided to quit covering other bands in 2001 when Evil Never Sleeps was released in 2007 via Shark Records, and the band is progressing forward again with the release of Morte. It’s safe to say if you are looking for good Heavy Metal with an added Power-like edge, then you are in the right place. Silverdollar have taken strong influences from the bands they used to cover and have implemented winning elements into their own formula. However, just to be accurate, they didn’t reinvent Heavy Metal, but they sure as hell did it right most of the time. Furthermore, the band’s great sound production has the right ’80s orientation to it with a more modern sound combined with that old, Classic Heavy Metal touch.

It seemed that there were a few experiments along the way on Morte. The track “CO2” sounded like an attempt to create a long track with an important theme, but the music was rather dull and repetitive, while the lyrical verses weren’t too hot. On the other hand, when Silverdollar went on being traditional in the likeness of Dio, Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest, they created some profound outcomes. “Evil Good” may be the best track — it chopped hard with a simple and strong main riff that hindered the energies while lunging into the realms of Old School USA Power Metal. Its vocal line was fierce, but still came through as melodic. The vocal rhythms during the verses were even better than the chorus (not that this was the first time it ever happened, but it was still interesting).

Still in traditional form, Silverdollar maintained a steady showcase with “Eternal Glory” that swept in with a harmonious chorus. “Damage Done” was more of a straightforward kicker, while “Evil Never Sleeps” (the title of their 2007 debut) presents another meaning for being evil with its heavy-riffed guitar slicers. Also recommended are “Hear Me”, the so-called epic “Three Finger Man”, and the killing machine called “Raging Eyes”.
In general, Morte might be a modern-sounding reprise to ’80s Heavy Metal. However, Silverdollar’s performance on this release can’t be ignored. Their material sounds great, even if it’s not that original. They had their slip-ups, but those didn’t take them on the road to ruin. In the end, this album is recommended for Metal fans that like to enjoy the feeling of an ’80s album, yet with a sharper and stronger edge.


  1. Morte
  2. Evil Good
  3. CO2
  4. Reverend HF
  5. Eternal Glory
  6. Damage Done
  7. Still a Rocker
  8. Hear Me 8
  9. Three Finger Man
  10. Evil Never Sleeps
  11. Rot
  12. Raging Eyes


Esa Englund – Vocals
Ola Berg – Guitars
Fredrik Hall – Bass
Mats Hjerp – Drums


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