OUTLOUD – Love Catastrophe

OUTLOUD - Love Catastrophe
  • 7.5/10
    OUTLOUD - Love Catastrophe - 7.5/10


AOR Heaven
Release date: August 4, 2011

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Melodic Rock act Outloud have released their sophomore effort entitled Love Catastrophe. The band originates from Greece and has become a bit of a buzz outside of their native land as well. Best known for their edgy, yet highly listenable sound, they had great success with their first release, which contained the singles/videos for “We Run” and “Tonite”. This was the ‘foot in the door’ for the band. The band, comprised of former Firewind guitarist and drummer, Bob Katsionis and Mark Cross, respectively, and Tony Kash (guitars), Chandler Mogel (vocals), and Sverd Soth (bass) are again produced by Tommy Hansen (Pretty Maids, Helloween) and Bob Katsionis.

Love Catastrophe contains 10 tracks and among them are some nice highlights. One of them, “Waiting For Your Love”, their debut single/video off of the album, is a nice listen that maintains a melodic quality that this band is so well known and loved for. Keeping in that rhythm are “Falling Rain” and “Someday”, which is one that surely will be played over and over again. These songs are truly the ‘softer side’ to this outfit. “Live Again” and “We Came To Rock” explore a heavier side, but still keep that same ‘melodic something’ that becomes expected and welcomed. “Love Catastrophe” is one that has nice time changes, teaming guitars, and a beautiful vocal sound that has long been associated with some of the great eighties/nineties acts like Skid Row and TNT.

Outloud are preparing a tour for this Summer and beyond.


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